Who went back to the gym today? How was it?

The state allowed gyms and health clubs to reopen today.

I went. There wasn’t as many there as normal. Obviously, a lot of people are playing it safe.

Many of the stations were closed so as to comply with distancing guidelines. Of course, masks were required and there was plenty of hand sanitizer available.

LA Fitness did not open today, or I would have gone. I’m starting to get used to my home routine anyway.


Went to FAC today. There were maybe 30 people there. No classes, no basketball, machines spaced out, no pool or showers. It looks to be a while before people start going in again.

Gyms are still closed here in Nevada; think those may part of Phase 2 (May 16th?), provided the results from Phase 1 are “acceptable” … and more testing/tracking is available.

I really do miss my fitness classes; but daily golf, pickleball, biking, & hiking are keeping me from getting too out of shape.

Gyms still closed here in Mississippi, so I walk 2 hours everyday and do some light lifting with what I have here… I will be in there the first chance I get

Guy to my left kept asking “is it hot in here?” Fellow to my right said “Dang I’m tired?” Lady behind me kept coughing.

So, pretty normal.

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My wife had a personal trainer. Usually one other joined them four days a week. She told her that’s over. Trainer understood. She found someone on Internet she likes. But she still wants to get back in gym. She goes at 1:30. Odd time and usually no one there.

I got out the fly rod and exercised both arms fishing for bluegill in our pond. Rode my bike around the neighborhood. No gym for me.

I’m, for obvious reasons that I have espoused on here before, not going for awhile.

Just walking and/or hitting the treadmill at the house.

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I had a good day. Three sets of 10 reps of 350 on the bench press, 500 squat and 325 in the power clean. Feeling good despite the layoff. Not overly crowded.

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Light day, huh?

Yeah, until I get back into the swing of things.

I did that once. It was awesome. Then I woke up…

what is pickleball? I’ve heard that name before but never seen what it is, I realize I could just google but it’s a message board so why not ask

That’s my approach too Dudley. You all go first and I’ll see what happens

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It’s like tennis but with a low net, smaller court using a wooden paddle and a ball smaller than a tennis ball. It’s very popular with us older folks. I suppose the rules are similar to tennis.

Dudley, I’m not sure where you live, but I’ve done some walking/jogging at the track at McNair Middle School in Fayetteville. There is hardly anyone using it, and it is a nice outside place to get a walk in.

LD basically covered it. One edit is that the ball is a little larger than a tennis ball, and is actually a whiffle ball on steroids. The game is a cross between tennis and ping pong. It plays much faster than tennis.

I highly encourage you to pop over to youtube and watch a couple of videos of actual matches.

It is a phenomenally addictive game. You should definitely give it a go.

Never heard of it but it looks like it would be fun :slightly_smiling_face:.

This gives you an idea of the game; both singles & doubles. And contrary to prevailing thought, it’s not just for old folks!