Who was Voice of The Razorbacks

in the 1977-78 year (Final 4 Year)?

I think Paul Eels arrived the following year.

Was it Sam Smith or Dave Woodman?

Sam Smith. Sam was only here for one year, football finished 3rd in the nation, and basketball did as well. Dave Woodman was the announcer for the previous couple of years, but Frank Broyles replaced him. Paul came the next year.

I wonder why Mr. Smith was only here one year? I remember listening to some games that year, but don’t really remember if the announcer was good or bad.

Sam worked for Channel 7 (like all of them did in those days). I think he left for a bigger market.

Sam wanted to call the NBA and he achieved that goal. Left KATV to call Spurs games then later for the Heat in Miami.

If you ever get a chance, read Hoyt Purvis’ book “Voices of the Razorbacks.” There are a lot of great stories about the early days of the network, how it grew and the men who have been behind the mic.

Sam was a good basketball announcer, he had been the Notre Dame radio voice before coming to Arkansas. He wasn’t the ND football announcer, Mutual Radio handled the Irish games, and I think(?) Lindsey Nelson was their announcer in those days. Smith wanted the opportunity to do football and basketball. He was not bad at football, he was better in basketball though. His big advantage in both sports was being here for wonderful seasons in both. Lou’s first year at UA, went from a 5-5-1 season in Frank Broyles last year to 11-1, with a fan base that was hungry to get good in football again. Remember, very few games were televised in those days, Texas and Tech in the regular season, then the Orange Bowl. So, a lot of the big games were on radio only. Same with basketball, very few games on TV, so lot’s of big games on the radio.

Bob Cheyne was my favorite radio guy for Arkansas football. He had a great voice and had a certain delivery I just always loved. I can still hear him call those Texas games in Austin. Classic.

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