Who was the Hog commit who went to

Mississippi State, his mother pretty much admitted they got paid to flip?

Is he still there? I am watching MSU and Liberty, Liberty is winning (not over, probably just jinxed them), was wondering if that kid was still at MSU.

Reggie Perry. He was just drafted in second round.

Thanks. Could not remember.

Pretty amazing that at one time Mike had both of last year’s SEC co POY’s committed, along with Desi Sills. I sure hope Miss Steak pays a price for what happened. By playing by the rules, a good man and good coach wound up losing his job.

Mike is getting a great thing going at St. John’s. Honestly, it’s a pretty good spot for him. It was a great hire for them, and I think will work out nicely for both parties.

I think most of us still want Mike to succeed. Heck, I’d go as far as to say that, if we’re not in the tournament–for whatever reasons–and St. John’s is, then I would be a Johnny’s fan for at least the remainder of that tournament.


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