Who was the first Razorback you met?

This is what it’s all about.

I talked to Freddie Douglas at a Red-White game in LR. I believe he was rehabbing from injury and was in street clothes. I got near the rail behind the bench and was able to strike up a conversation with him. I was awestruck.


Dickey Morton was the first razorback I met. It was in the late 70’s. Dickey had a beer distributorship in Pine Bluff (I think his father in law backed him) I was a manager at Wiengartens an Dickey was in the store a lot selling me on his products. At that time he still had an agent and still thought he could play pro football. Dickey lacked no confidence and was pretty cocky. His business failed pretty quickly.

I have met many many through the years. I wanted to talk about two that were awesome. I met Scotty Thurman at the state volleyball tournament. My granddaughter played against his daughter. Met him in the lobby had my Hog Cap on as usual. He went up and just started talking to me and my son. Just a regular guy to talk to. His daughter is amazing she’s going to North Carolina. Just wanted to say he’s the nicest and most friendly you will ever run into. Great guy. Also met Corliss and he’s right there as far as being nice. Scotty just stood around talking to us like he knew us. I wouldn’t have even talked to either I don’t do hero worship just nodded my head and said hi. Both were just regular ole people.


Dean Tolson and Martin Terry…
And Joe Ferguson, Played games with Joe in the Saw dust pit, man did Joe throw that ball hard! Didn’t have gloves that I knew of. He actually told me I should have walked on, cause I could catch a pass.

I played with Boothead at Tillis park many times and at Northside.

I knew Kevin McReynolds a little BEFORE he became a Razorback as we played against one another in Legion Ball (he probably doesn’t remember me).

Darryl Bowles is the first I remember visiting with while he was a Hog.

Glenn Ray Hines, a classmate and later fraternity brother. Nothing else to puff up.

He’s my avatar. Still the coolest person on the planet. The thing with Martin is that he was cool without trying to be cool. He never met a stranger.


His brother seemed cool too.

I wonder what ever happened to Martin and Charles.

Well, other than my dad…

For a while the team stayed in Hot Springs on Friday night before Little Rock games. JFB would take them to the movies. Dad took us to the Malco Theater in downtown Hot Springs (this probably would have been the 65 or 66 season) and I met some of the players outside the theater. The only one I remember meeting was Jon Brittenum. Dad wasn’t that much older than that bunch (if he’d stayed on the team, his senior year eligibility would have been '61).

I know Charles passed a few years ago.

Darrell Walker

I’m not sure when I first met a Razorback. My most memorable interaction was with Corey Beck. I volunteered at a golf scramble put on by the Bella Vista Razorback Club. Corey and I (and someone else) worked at a tent offering drinks to the golfers. He was so nice and talking with him was so easy.
During the course of the day, I asked about the Mizzou game to open BWA. He said that might have been the most perfect game ever.

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Bill Montgomery came to our church (First Christian) in Pine Bluff when I was 10 or 11 as part of some AIA presentation I believe.

I had a great visit with Darrell Walker in Rockford Illinois at a hotel. Isaiah Thomas was with him when both were involved in the CBA. I think Rockford had a team. When I told Darrell I was a Hog fan and was from Pine Bluff he asked me if I knew Jay Dickey. When I told Darrell I used to play basketball with Jay and that my niece worked for Jay in High School. He remembered my niece. Isaiah was just as nice as Darrell and we talked for a long time. Two really nice guys.

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Martin Terry, just a really great guy


Dean (Tree) Tolson was fun to be around as well

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Clyde Scott, father of one of my classmates when I moved to LR in the 4th grade.

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Marvin Delph! Great player but even a better man!


Lloyd Phillips and Harry Jones together passing the pigskin around.

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I played quite a bit of hoop with Martin Terry; that was fun.