Who was the expert

That predicted the Viles would come to Baum and sweep that HOGS?

I think you mean “Vols” (on second thought, perhaps that was an intentional pun), and it was Warren Nolan’s site, based on the ELO rankings. FWIW, now that we’ve won the first two, ELO picks us to win today.


I meant viles

I think “viles” is accurate.

Of course the expert was right on the sweep. He just had the teams reversed. :smiley:

He mistyped. :rofl::rofl:

The Vile’s fan base has anointed the Hogs as “The Big Red Machine” that just comes at you in waves…

That is high praise, indeed, and R-E-S-P-E-C-T! Unlike Moo U, the fans of which merely shrugged off as being mostly bad games on their part.

They were bad games by Mississippi State. Somehow their pitchers kept throwing pitches that the Arkansas hitters could hit. Go figure.

I think Nolan has been falsely accused…I changed the date on the URL to Gm1 & Gm2 :sunglasses:

It predicts the same scores for all three games…I’m thinking the rankings are updated weekly. I’ll check it this coming weekend the day of the games to see if that’s so. I don’t follow this site, so just guessing here :slight_smile:

http://warrennolan.com/baseball/2019/pr … 2019-04-26

http://warrennolan.com/baseball/2019/pr … 2019-04-27

That’s the kind of thing that makes baseball so unpredictable, especially at the college level. I’m sure MLB pitchers are less likely to be as “off” but we sure were able to knock them around. 'Course I remember how we couldn’t hit anything against that Ore St pitcher in that last game in Omaha.