Who was in the crowd

At Sam’s introduction today? They mentioned several players and coaches from other sports. Just curious.

I saw Jordyn Wieber (the new Gym’backs coach), Dave Van Horn, along with Ken Hatfield and others.

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Was Muss there?

If he was, I did not see him. The introduction was at 3 p.m., and practice typically begins at 2:30.

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What current football players attended, all of them? Do you know ?

I know several offensive linemen were there, including Colton Jackson. Also saw Grant Morgan. Should’ve written names down but didn’t.

Was KJ there?

I saw and talked to Bill McClard. As we talked he said his name. BTW a pretty smaller guy. Any I said you were a kicker for us. And you kicked a fifty ( then Bill finished the line 60 yard FG. I think I was their.)

Sam’s wife brother. And a total knee replacement on his phone, For Sam