Who was Fisher ripping when he attacked other

SEC coaches? I only heard part of the PC, wasn’t really sure what had him in such a uproar. If I had just signed the class he did, I wouldn’t let anyone know anything in the world was bothering me.

Extra large ego, but fragile as an eggshell.

Jimbo was pissed at Lane Kiffin because of Kiffin in an interview was accusing TAM of shady NIL practices that 'BOUGHT" the the #1 recruiting class.

And Jimbo’s response basically said he was right, but everyone else is now doing the same thing.

They did buy this class as there is no other reason for that to have happened.

I am not disputing that, but I also have to consider that while at Florida State, Jimbo recruited very well, so I can’t lay it all at the feet of NIL. Tho I think the NIL stuff and the money available at TAM will push them to the tip top for recruits when they are trying to decide.

[CORRECTION: Not sure why I thought Clemson when I knew it was Florida State, I blame it on the ice and snow here, its freezing my brain…lol]

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Jimbo’s Florida State teams were ultra talented. Only once (with Winston) did he have right quarterback.

Jimbo was replying to Kiffin and Sabans comments. A&M boosters did form a type of NIL fund to help in recruiting. It was once reported but not verified to be $30 million in value at one time. Lately that has been reported to be allegedly $7 million. When a team like A&M all of a sudden vaults to the top class in recruiting it’s not just about the hard work of Jimbo and his staff alone. Look at the Aggie history. Hired Jackie Sherrill after he won a NC at Pitt for what then was the highest salary of a head coach at $400k per year. Sherrill won a couple of SWC championships and they were put on probation because of recruiting tactics violations. When recruiting Eric Dickerson bought his grandmother a Trans A&M that he accepted but got more from SMU and signed there. .
Historically A&M has tried to buy a championship either SWC or now a SEC and NC. The last NC they won was in 1939. A lot of rich alumni like Texas trying to use their monies to achieve that now. Jimbo fussing about it just confirming what I think of him he’s not the best far from it.

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An Aggie executive I know says it’s $3 million fund. Now maybe it’s grown in the last week since signing day. But what they had available to recruit with this year was $3 million. Actually, not all of that for recruiting because a lot of it is being used by current players. I was talking to this guy and he said, “It’s amazing what $20,000 will get you.” Probably correct.

Danny Ford bragged about IPTAY at Clemson. I think that’s exactly what they are doing at A&M except it’s not $10, it’s $20,000. IPTAY began in 1934. I don’t know what you pay these days to be a member of Clemson’s IPTAY.

Coach Ford got his butt in trouble with that I pay ten a year program…… I’d love to see some of those coaches from that time , Switzer, Jackie S, Jimmy Johnson, Danny Ford, etc, Coach today with the money, the facilities, and the NIL……

The Paw level of IPTAY is $60, which doesn’t get you the opportunity to buy a season ticket. Goes up to $25,000 for the Riggs level (there are 94 Riggs level donors).

UA said there are 1200 Broyles-Matthews donors during the baseball ticket reassignment last year. B-M donors give at least $5000. The five IPTAY levels of more than $5000 have nearly 2800 donors.

Jumbo’s reaction clearly answered what most we’re thinking. He’s a crock that always looks like an unshaven bum and a lot of time sounds like one! Sorry, I have zero respect for that man, especially the way he handled the whole Winston thing at Fl State. I don’t trust him nor do I trust the Gaggies!!! Recruits talk to other recruits/friends and word spreads and it gets back to coaches of other teams what is going on, especially now that it is wink wink “legal”. They are the LA Rams of 2022 and are trying to buy a championship and everyone knows it!


But the Rams may get it done

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How are the Rams buying a championship? They traded for Stafford and Miller and signed OBJ after the Browns cut him (for $1.25M plus playoff incentives, which is pretty cheap). Stripped away their draft choices for a while, yes, but that’s not like spending billions on free agents, which you can’t do in the NFL anyway with the salary cap.

They certainly didn’t do like New Orleans did back in the day and trade their entre draft to get one player that ended up being a bust!! I hear Ricky Williams may still be somewhere in Thailand smokin weed and just gettin his zen on.

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He must have been comfortably numb in Austin.

Swine…essentially what I meant to say was that they have gone all in this year to try and win it all with the trades, signings etc. and have given up a lot for the future to try and make that happen. Sorry if that didn’t come across the way I meant….I guess I let Jumbo get in my head.

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