Who was DVH talking about?

In there interview after the game, somebody asked him about someone who had gotten there crowd up and going in the 7th. John Williams? Shawn Williams?

He said the coaches were talking about it after the game and how important the crowd came alive.
I was just wondering who it was.

I think he was referring to the PA announcer.

I asked the question about Jon Williams, the public address announcer. I also talked to Jon about it after the game.

Yeah the crowd didn’t seem into at all until we got a little pulse, then got into it, we need them to try to rattle the pitcher.

Truthfully, the crowd has been waiting for a reason to erupt the past two games, but every time we had a little momentum, we’d hit into a double play or Auburn would make a circus catch. It was a much needed boost to the crowd, for sure.

I like Pallettes emotion out there too. It looked like he had words (or at least a stare) at a Tiger batter after he struck him out to end an inning. And he showed big emotion after another strike out. That feeds the crowd.

Benton Panther all the way.

Yeah I loved the little stare down he gave their lead-off hitter when he sat him down…it was like I’m here come get you some!

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