Who was Allen yelling at

Announcers didn’t mention it but in 4th quarter he was screaming at someone on sidelines. Sounded like he said " I’ve wanted 33 three times". Something like that. Yelling at enos?

Hopefully Kurt Anderson.

What did Allen say? I thougth I heard him say “I said 33 3 times to Taylor”. Who is Taylor?

He was yelling a couple more times, they just didn’t focus on it. Looked like he was yelling to speed up the calls.

I thought I heard, “I called 33 three times.” I don’t know who he was yelling to or about, but he was looking at the sidelines when he yelled it.

I think he wanted a play with 33 in it. Probably a designation of the play. It appeared he was wanted Enos to get him the play. He may have been saying “I’ve been hit 33 times.” That’s what I would have been saying. But I’m not actually sure.

He was obviously hollering at the sideline two different times and was frustrated once in the huddle with the fact that the play was not coming in fast enough. The guy was taking a pounding. I was wondering why there towards the end, why Coach did not pull him and put Ty in so that Austin could play another game? I noticed that when he hollered at the sideline, the camera cut-off of him very quickly? Would like to have some insider information on what was going on there? Austin is a very courageous and tough young man, but he is mortal!

I did not see the other two, but the one was real anger at someone on the sidelines.

The context seemed to be that he either did not like the play called or did not believe it was getting to him fast enough. What I heard seemed to be a flare of temper at him from the sidelines too. That is just real world game day football.

Given that Austin was truly giving has best, I think he had every right to demand the best of others, including the play calling team.

Overall, that was one of the most impressive performances I have ever seen of an Arkansas QB. He is a leader of men.

I heard that too. YES he was smoking hot.
You guys may not like this but 10 minutes is to long for a drive. Especially with the results.
IMO WE call the plays to slow!!

I had two issues with the sweep.

  1. We had tried it earlier with Reed and Garret sniffed it out and caused a fumble. Yet, we tried to run it with Hatcher. Come on, Hatcher isn’t as fast as Reed it was doomed from the time Enos decided on it.

  2. It was after a timeout (review). Everyone on aTm knew we weren’t gonna try up the middle again, half the team stepped toward Hatcher’s direction. A fake and another Allen run, with Cantrell pushing would probably have scored.

The Reed fumble was an unforced error by Reed. He fumbled without anyone touching him.

He fumbled because Garrett was breaking through the line and he was looking at him instead of concentrating on making sure he had the ball. Again, it didn’t work with him, who is faster, why try it again with a slower guy?

The game reminded me of Toledo last year in that we were behind and it was almost like we were trying to go slow.

That combined with our red zone struggles and poor defense late made it a very frustrating second half.

while watching the game in the 2nd half;it appeared and sounded like austin allen was screaming at the sideline.it sounded like he said that he had called 33 something several times and was angry at the response or lack thereof.i saw this on 2 occasions.if someone else saw or heard the same thing(especially those that watch the replays)could one comment on it and/or address it…thanks.