Who Voted Arkansas to win the SEC?!

Dudley did you vote Arkansas to win the SEC - Again?

Just kidding -

Were they drunk?

If so what ever the brand is let’s stick it fir free in the SEC officials rooms the night before the game so they just don’t throw flags against Arkansas like usual

And I want some of that whisky for my personal use

Whoever did - they are my hero


Good question…actually, I believe it might involve hallucinogenic drugs! Hee hee WPS; GHG

Dudley and I were not at SEC media days. You have to attend to vote. So that wasn’t either one of us.

As Clay said, I wasn’t there.

But the 15 or so times I have been, I have never voted for Arkansas any higher than second (the Sugar Bowl year) and have usually voted them third or below,

I have certainly voted Alabama one numerous times with LSU a couple of times and one Aubnurn.

Wacky pick of Arkansas this year from that voter

even worse is that Vandy go zero votes for first in the east which is a requirement to then vote them overall SEC champ… What self respecting writer would admit to putting either as SEC champ??

You are assuming a lot. The sports journalist world is not like it used to be.

The internet has pretty much destroyed journalism and any sort of editing of content. Anyone can say anything without any accountability.

No, not anyone can. Some cannot. You can figure out for yourself what standards each writer has maintained. There are lots of reporters and writers with credibility. You just have to figure out which ones they are and who they work for and if that outlet maintains accountability.

While it is highly unlikely that Ark wins the SEC-W, it’s not THAT crazy. You guys act like we have no chance at all. How many voted for us to win the west in 95? or 06?

Alabama is practically always the safe and easy pick. While we may believe it’s highly unlikely Arkansas is going to win the SEC, it does take some guts to make that choice. It’s kind of like someone taking a chance on a 90-1 longshot in the Kentucky Derby. Probably not going to win that bet, but if you do …

If I had to guess, I imagine it was a radio or TV person. Not Bo, for the record ha. I don’t even know all the radio/TV people who made it down there, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it came from that pool.

I doubt it was any writer who was present. I actually forgot to fill out my ballot until after the deadline had passed.

They should do like the NBA and reveal who everyone voted for. Would add transparency and accountability.

I am now confused.

Meaning I imagine it was a radio or TV personality.

Ahhhh! Gotcha now.

This one is easy. They have to check a box and Arkansas is right next to Alabama. The guy checked the wrong box and forgot to check his answers before turning it in.

Maybe he figured he’d be the only one (and was right) so if Arkansas did win he’d have a heckuva chance to brag. That’s a reach I know, but that’s the bizarre way some folks operate. They want to be different. I’d rather be right than different. I don’t see Arkansas winning the West (or the SEC title) this year. At any rate, you wouldn’t think that would be the right way to make your prediction just now. Maybe I’ll change my mind in one month.

Apparently that person works where drug testing isn’t done! Get him into rehab! It is hard enough to win the west especially when those guys running around on the files in black and white stripped shirts will litter the field with yellow flags to ensure that our hogs get beat. When we have had the better team on the field many times those idiots have made the difference!
This year I don’t see the hogs winning the west but I also don’t see a blowout loss coming in the Auburn game.
Win or loose I’m a hog fan!

I don’t think they’ll win the West this year and certainly not the SEC. That said, it is likely going to be a year when we don’t expect to win the West that we’ll win it.

Fun read of the thread

Maybe someone did it to create a story

Maybe it was a lost bet

Whatever it is

I would love nothing more than Arkansas to win the SEC and watch how many voters “come clean” claming they had the insight to cast that vote


Derrick Ruscin(?)…He was there and been talking about it all week.

Do you have a link where he brags if this?

Would love to:

  1. Know if f he was sober or stoned
  2. His reasoning for f he was sober and cogent