Who trusts Long to hire the next football coach?

Let’s assume the money is raised to pay the buyout and that Bielema is gone. Probably still a big assumption right now, admittedly.

Would the big boys trust Long to make the next hire, or does he follow Bielema out the door?

Yeah, I know Long has probably checked other boxes that satisfy the board and the big donors. But while he hired Petrino who won like no recent coach we’ve recently had, this Bielema thing is an abject disaster that overwhelms every positive Long has achieved as the UA AD.

No way I let Long hire the next coach. No way.

I don’t trust him to make a good/great hire

I’d take Tuberville at this point

I have no problem with Long making the hire.

You may not like coach B, but he was a homerun hire at the time.

I agree the perception was that it was a good hire. “Homerun?” I’d debate that.

I’m just a fan. I’m not paid like Long is to hire winning football coaches. Long decided he wanted a power football coach, so he got Bielema. But as the NC State offensive coordinator (from Alma) recently said on Bo’s show, that ain’t working unless you got enough linemen on both sides of the ball and can play some defense. Otherwise, you’d better spread it out and get the ball to your playmakers in space and score.

Long — a supposed football guy — didn’t get that back then and I suspect he still doesn’t get it. We will be very underwhelmed if we let him hire the next coach.

so was JLS?

He had interest in Less with More Miles back in 2012.

No I don’t trust him.

100% trust

Absolutely not. Check his football hires at Pittsburg. Look at his resume here. It is all about money for him, and to be such a so called expert in that area, why are we stuck with this contract we have to deal with now. We aren’t Bama, we need an innovative coach that can recruit and develop talent. This staff can do neither.

Jim Grobe and Tommy Bowden should both be available

No, but his reasoning was sound. You will judge it in hindsight, however with the timing of Petrino hitting the ditch, it made sense to use someone from the staff in an interim position.

I don’t think anyone could have seen how it would turn out.

Many may argue it, but Coach B was one hell of a hire and one hell of a lot better than we should expect.

Everyone talks like Bear Bryant is going to rise from the grave and come coach Arkansas to championships. The simple fact is, other than a few lightning in a bottle seasons scattered across many decades, Arkansas is a mediocre program with a massive recruiting disadvantage.

Look at the numbers. They speak for themselves.

With all that being said, coach B ain’t getting it done. I don’t know enough about football to know if he is close or not, so I will sit back and watch what happens.

I get pretty tired of these “poor little Arkansas” and recruiting disadvantage posts. Coaches can win at Arkansas. That has been shown.

Nothing sustained.

Its not Long’s fault CBB can’t get it done. He hired Petrino who had us trending up and honestly he hired CBB away from Wisconsin who had won just won the Big 10. So if anyone can get the right coach I believe Long can.

I disagree but we shall see. It’s about to get interesting. Hopefully for the better. Chad Morris ought to be close to the top of the list.

The only trust I have is for Dr Bobbitt to start with replacing Jeff Long!

I get pretty tired of these “poor little Arkansas” and recruiting disadvantage posts. Coaches can win at Arkansas. That has been shown.
[/quote]But never at a consistently high level. There was some crazy stat on here a few weeks ago. Something about in all of arkansas’ history, we’ve only had a 10 win season like 12 times.


Yeah, that’s also a really loaded stat. Around the 60s is when we first got to 10 game seasons, minimum.

Perspective, we’ve had 12 10 win seasons since 1964.

LSU has had 11… so?

I understand. But I don’t really care about 10 win seasons as much as I care about having a chance to have a periodic 10 or 11 win season. in this day and age, a good coach can make a real difference and can do that at Arkansas. If we resign ourselves to the mentality that we are “poor little Arkansas” and can’t compete, then Jeff Long’s agenda is accomplished. We will care more about other things than winning. Unacceptable.

I agree we shouldn’t accept mediocrity, but we cant just burn through coaches hoping to catch lightning in a bottle.

That being said, I can’t justify Coach B’s record. I wish he was an asshole. it would make this a lot easier for me.

Now, will an up and comer be any better? None of us know the answer to that. What is good enough? I know some will say they cant be any worse. If we think like that, we might as well keep coach B.

we are below that, we are one of worst 3 teams in the league. i am tired of i can’t scenario also. find someone who thinks he can do great things at arkansas. we need a recruiter and a bulldog recruiting staff. I’m tired of beating Middle Tennessee state for recruits. But ya know, its more the development of kids when this staff gets them. if they can’t do what you ask of them, change what you ask of them, you recruited them. if they can’t block in this pro style apparent offense we have, why did you recruit them. last thing, did anyone notice how uninspired we seemed yesterday. there was no fire. these kids are playing scared, playing not to lose. they are not having any fun. it shows…