Who throws harder to first?

Is it Wallace or Battles? Or Moore?

If there was a radar gun measuring the throws, I’d probably go with Wallace.

I loved Casey Martin, but I feel a lot more calm with Wallace making that throw.


I believe it is Wallace. All 3 of those guys throw it as hard as necessary to get the out.

There were times that I think Martin threw the heater to show off his arm strength and those usually were not his best throws.

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My money is on Wallace,he throws some pellets over there

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Wallace seems to throw more lasers. But Moore can zip it to when necessary.

Wallace! Battles only used his arm when he has too! Moore can throw but not like Wallace. Casey Martin was an adventure!
The defense is solid. Most of the time.

I think when Battles wants to throw a seed from the hole at shortstop it’s a pretty awesome. They both have great arms. Battles uses his arm as he should, with great IQ. Don’t pull out the gun unless the runner is fast or he’s in the hole and it’s going to be a close play. He might do that only once a game. Otherwise, he’s going to dial it back. So you don’t see his arm often.

Leads the SEC; 3rd in the Country.

That’s for sure!

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