Who thinks we should’ve hired Leach?

I’m pretty happy with the COY, Sam Pittman. We’re actually 3-1


Yes. 3-1!

I didn’t want Lane,
I didn’t want Leach
and I sure didn’t want Gus.
Now the Hogs have beaten all three (no matter what the record book says.)



If we had hired leach, I would be burying all my hog gear about now. , because I do t think I would live long enough to survive that face plant following up the death roll that chad Morris put us thru.

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I think it is to early in each coaches tenure for this post.

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We were having this discussion last December and after MSU beat LSU. I’m enjoying having it now. You don’t have to participate

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Today…how do you feel today?

Leach’s offense is in trouble, he is going to have to morph it into something else, The drop 8 into coverage has shut him down 3 weeks in a row. They sporting world would be blowing taps if he was heading up the hogs, after chad Morris the hogs fans would be jumping out of windows!

I said during the coaching search I didn’t want Leach. His air raid will never work in the SEC and he doesn’t believe in defense. Defense wins championships. I wanted a coach who understood the LOS is where it starts. Pittman gets it!!


I wanted Kiffin

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Gotta confess. I wanted Kiffiin.

Maybe that’s part of the reason I’m nobody’s Athletic Director.


I had warmed to the idea of getting Kiffin when it appeared he was coming, but it was a temporary lapse. I’m thrilled with who we got & just as thrilled it’s not him.


Didn’t want Leach for sure. Did want Kiffin until I started reading about his off field nonsense. Can’t say I was all in on Pittman but am now. 100% just hope we give him the money to retain assistants and we will have the money. When we win money pours in. Just hope Pitt realizes it’s not all about how much money he can make and asks for money for the assistants. Just think Pitt is going to grow and get better he is.

Did not want Kiffin at all

Wanted Norvell first and Leach second

Did not want Sam at all.

Sam and staff have exceeded my expectations by a mile. Will say I felt much better after his coordinator hires were made, but did not see the belief/culture change happening so quickly.

Think it’s too early to say of the four mentioned above who will be the best at their respective school, but Sam in the lead as they make the first turn. Great win for Norvell last night - he’s found a QB.


I wanted Matt Campbell the last time around. Did not want Kiffin and was not all that keen on Leach. The Pittman hire blind sided me, but I was OK with it. I would have preferred Leach to Chad when he was hired, and think he would have won a few more games than Chad. We probably would have had Gardner Minshaw for his first season. I never wanted Gus. Really, despite going thru hell for a couple of years, things seem to have worked out pretty well.

I wanted Coach Pittman when Morris was hired. Now I’m happy to see Coach Pitman leading our hogs and having success. Especially with the same players the last staff couldn’t get to play for them.
The right man has control!

When I heard Pittman was a candidate, I didn’t think he had a chance.

The transition reminds me of when Nutt took over for Ford.

Nothing better than watching the Hogs celebrate after a win.

I might very well agree with you if it wasn’t for the fact that our wins are due to players buying in and believing plus be coached up If it was luck or a bunch of five star players stepping up or we had these wins by winning non con games. Are we going to have set backs, defeats yes, but it will “ no longer “ define who we are as a program. In this day and time they call this the “New Normal” and this is what CSP has done for Arkansas. WPS

I’m gonna agree w JR this time :sunglasses:

Too early, but great start. Yes siiirrrr!!