Who thinks we should keep Robb Smith?

Just curious.

I’m still a BB believer, but I’d like to see major changes.

If I hear another word about the 2014 defense I’m going to vomit (again).

Robb Smith should fired tomorrow with an official announcement. People are watching

I’m curious - why are you still a Bielema believer? You are wanting to fire the DC, but who hired him and who signed off on every recruit we’ve signed on defense the last four years.

Well part of it is because I want him to be the guy - so that part isn’t necessarily logical. I think he’s good at certain things we need, especially with regard to public relations and such.

But he just hasn’t done enough to lose me yet. He’s got some good wins here. He has a good track record, going back to WI. We’ve been decent the past 2 years, and until today, I could’ve made a pretty good argument that we’ve been slowly improving since he got here. He’s developed QBs. We’ve had All-Americans. He’s just done some good stuff.

So he deserves another year in my opinion.

Next year is the year he has absolutely no excuses, IMO. So for me, I’ll give him 2017, but he better win a lot.

Next year we play at Bama, at LSU, at OM and TAMU (neutral). He isn’t going to win big next year.

I’m not making excuses for him or saying he should or shouldn’t be on the hot seat at whatever point it eventually happens.

But, he’s not gonna win big next year. He’Il probably win 7-8.

But, nobody other than Bama is winninf big with that schedule in most years.

You’re right. By that I mean something like 10-3. Beat A&M or Bama. Win a nice bowl. Maybe I should’ve said “bigger.” I have higher hopes than you.

Just do something we haven’t done in a while.

You may have higher expectations of what will actually happen than I do but you don’t have higher hopes.