Who talks in their sleep?

My wife talks in her sleep a lot. Seldom can I understand a word. It’s almost like whispers. I wake her up to get her to stop if I can’t figure out what she’s saying. I always thought something interesting might slip, but it just doesn’t happen.

This morning there were some lines that were clear. She’s a retired teacher and it was obvious she was admonishing a class. I didn’t wake her up because it was entertaining. She taught elementary PE early in her career, then health for about the last 10 or 12 years. For gym class, she had Xs marked on the gym floor for students to sit and then to keep them in place for exercise.

The stuff this morning was not sensational. But still interesting. She said, “The rules are the rules. Young man, you sit your butt right on that X and mind. You don’t mind and something is going to happen that you are not going to like and then I’m going to talk to your father and it will probably happen to you again.”

We were discussing that this morning. She said, “That conversation was probably from my first few years teaching in the early 80s because by the end of my teaching career you couldn’t count on getting support from home.” Kind of funny.


Funny. My wife has talked in her sleep the entire 50 years we’ve been married. She has been known to sit up and jabber away. Most of it does not make sense. I’ve talked back to her but she’s in her own world. Her sister walks around in her sleep. When they were teenagers her brother woke up one morning after a night of partying and a girl was in bed with him. He panicked thinking he’d brought a girl to their home in his drunken state. Thankfully it was just little sis who crawled in with him in her sleep.

My 3-year-old ended up in my bed this morning during the storm. On two separate occasions he began laughing at another rattled off about three sentences of something I wish I would have been able to discern.

I’m 45 with 2 boys 7 and 4 (quickly coming up on 8 and 5). I/we give all the support we can from home! :grinning: Shocking how many folks don’t these days.


I know my teachers got support from home. And I felt every bit of it

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One of my favorite cartoons is one where there is a student, a teacher and a parent. One scenario is from circa 1980. The student is holding a piece of paper that says “truant.” The teacher is standing there, while the parent is admonishing the child. The next one is from circa 2020. Same scenario. Except this time, the parent is admonishing the teacher.

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My retired teacher(wife)will say a loud amen.

If I got in trouble at school, I knew I was going to get in twice as much when I got home.


I talk in my sleep all the time. Very loud and very clear. Often I wake myself up, laugh, then go back to sleep. I have another peculiar habit. Sometimes, I slap my leg when I am frustrated with something while sleeping. I slap my leg HARD- to the point it stings. That definitely wakes me up. Luckily, my wife’s superpower is sleeping so I haven’t been banished from the bed yet.

I haven’t generally talked or walked in my sleep, but I do have one pretty good story. I was 15 and in “Explorer Scouts” which at the time was the first “coeducational” part of the Boy Scouts. There was a trip down to Galveston, Texas for a weekend outing on the USS Lexington (a WWII era aircraft carrier). We left North East Arkansas and drove in an old school bus all day and all night. I got little or no sleep (which plays into the story,)

We got on the ship. Everyone brought sleeping bags and they put us by groups in different areas of the hanger deck. Not long after dinner I was exhausted and climbed into my sleeping bag and went to sleep. I wake up early (as the sun was coming up) the next morning and look around. I do not recognize anyone who is sleeping around me (most, but not all, were females, none of my group were females). I look at the sleeping bag I am in, it isn’t mine. I quietly get up, walk around, and finally find my group and my (empty) sleeping bag.I had no clue what had happened.

Slowly, some memories came back to me. I had woken up in the middle of the night and had to pee, really bad. I was much more asleep than awake (again, I only had vague memories of this the next day). I had basically sleep walked around the ship trying to find a place to pee. I THINK I finally just peed in a corner (they had porta potties set up for us, but I am pretty sure I was to asleep to realize what they were). Apparently, after I peed, I just climbed into the first empty sleeping bag I found.

Where was the person who belonged in the sleeping bag? I have no idea!


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