Who takes the QB snaps if Franks can’t go?

KJ or Malik?

Is Franks out? If he is, I don’t like our chances to get win #4

Don’t believe he’s practiced all week

I would expect KJ, if needed. But I think Franks will play.


If Feleipe played two weeks ago, he’ll play Saturday.

Nothing has changed in his situation to my knowledge.

If he has not practiced all week, perhaps COVID related?

In Scotty’s article, looks like had a zoom interview? Tuesday with FF?, the article quoted FF.

Big if

CSP in his PC from Thursday said we had been lucky this wk with CV, and tests had been good. I hope that includes FF

Something changed from Tuesday to now? He interviewed in full gear 3 days ago.

Nothing in this story from Otis Kirk yesterday to suggest he isn’t playing.

OK, 2009, have you been on Hogville again? :grinning:

No. I can’t say I’ve been there in years

He will play. No covid issues. He’s had his left hand heavily taped since going to the locker room for a few minutes at Florida.

247 years?

Sore ribs

UMMM … What happened? Seems like you got the board up and going!

I have been on Hogville for years. Tons of great hogfans with real info. I’m also on 247. Never have seen much different in the fans on one board or the other.

I thought the QBs weren’t hit in practice, it that’s the case how did it happen ?

Who said he was hurt in practice? They don’t hit them in practice.