Who steps up now that Burks is gone

I would love for us to try to feature Jackson, I think he is a stud and can be huge for us going forward,he has the size and speed to be a nightmare.

Thompson has shown flashes of being a guy who can hurt you, Warren looked real good against Missouri so hopefully he can continue to show progress.

Knox has played very well the last 3 or 4 weeks.

Morris if he’s back has shown he is capable of making some big plays…

I look forward to seeing how we attack without Burks. Be a chance for some guys to show what they can do.


I think they spread the wealth. Thompson, Jackson, Warren, Knox, maybe Morris, maybe Rocket. They won’t know how we’re going to adjust so they won’t know who/what to prepare for. Burks may have done us a favor in a way.

Yes I have always thought Rocket could step into that position and be really really good. He made a heck of a catch against Alabama when they split him out

How about Haselwood…

Haselwood transfers at the semester break, will be here for spring practice.

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Didnt Rocket come to campus as a receiver and was moved to running back?

Yes, he was a receiver in high school. Logical choice to play WR.

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In reply to OP, you don’t replace TB. You have to adjust with what you have. They all have to step up their game a few notches.

Yeah I agree about nobody replacing Burks and why I asked who will step up now that he is gone,will surely take a team effort to accomplish the passing game we have seen this yr…looking forward to seeing who looks at this and says “Hey let me show you what I can do now” will be intersting to see how we gameplan for this

I bet KB and CSP are already getting a game plan together as organized as they are .

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I dunno, KB is such a bad OC, I doubt he can overcome the loss of Burks


I think the issue is broader than replacing Burks. My view, is no one else has played Burks’ role. Accordingly, the confidence KJ built in Burks has gone bust.

Feels like 1977/8 again.

Recruit Lykes for the weekend.

I’m looking for Thompson to make a huge leap next year.

Thompson and Jackson and now Haselwood all three are major talents.

One of the highlights for me in the bowl game will be the guys who stepped up in Burks absence and led us to victory. If you lose one player and it wrecks your season you have a serious depth issue. There’s not one player on our team that can fill Burks shoes at this time as he was that good, but we have enough talent spread through out our receiver corp that will prove to be enough. We have a lot of guys that can play and now have a huge opportunity to become a impact player with more passes coming their way soon ! WPS

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