Who stays and who goes.

I know one Freshman is transferring out. Just curious to see if anyone else leaves. Your thoughts?

Henderson and a guy we don’t expect (thinking Simpson).

I think both of those guys will be here next year. especially Embery-Simpson, he loves it here, he’s always been very vocal about how much he likes it here, also been trying to recruit his fromer AAU teammate Bryce Thompson to come here. Henderson also likes it here, all his friends are here, he’s an Arkansas kid, plus he knows with Gafford leaving he’ll have an opportunity to compete for playing time next year. He didn’t look bad that last 4 minutes he got to play against Tennessee, he’s just really skinny right now and needs to get stronger and more physical to play at this level, he’ll look completely different this time next year. I think most that seen him play in high school knew he was a guy that wasn’t going to contribute right away.

I think these guys will be the open scholarships next year

Gafford (For draft)
Garland (not cleared)
Phillips (already transferred)
Ali (Last man in the rotation is usually most likely to leave)

Then I also think there’s a slight chance we lose one of Bailey or Gabe. I think with Chaney emerging then you look at the quality of 4s we’re recruiting right now (Franklin, Gueye, Braham), I’m thinking one of Bailey/Gabe will fall to the last man in the rotation this year, then see the tea leaves that they may not play much next year and go ahead and transfer out.

I think the dream 2019 class would look like this

Justice Hill
Raymond Hawkins
Doudou Gueye
Javon Franklin

If still any scholarships after that, save it for 2020, let the Walk-on center we added this off-season hold on to it for a year.

Nailed it here I think.

Embery-Simpson got 20 minutes last night. Henderson got his first substantial playing time against a quality opponent. You could see how eager he was to play. Opportunity knocks. You have to grab the ring when it comes your way. Both of these guys need the minutes to mature for years ahead. I don’t think either is going anywhere after this year. Not sure about Gabe or Bailey. They continue to get playing time. If they are reading these boards, they may need a psychologist. I don’t know why they would transfer. Neither has NBA talent. Get the degree, have fun, do what you can on the court.

Agree with all of this, and add that I really want to see Henderson grow/develop as a Razorback. I’m just partial to the Parkview kids.


Henderson can’t play. He has 1 skill - he can jump. He is not a shooter, he doesn’t have any sort of post moves and he is never going to be very strong. He averaged around 10 pts a game in HS and was the 5th wheel on his stacked AAU team.

I would love to be wrong, but I don’t ever see him having any sort of meaningful impact.

If Henderson can play defense and rebound give him a chance. His offense would be a bonus. He touched the ball last night without walking!
I just hope the hogs can land 4 good ones next year.

Well he managed to shoot from under the basket without missing or getting it stuffed back in his face, which was more than Adrio could manage. If he can make more than 50% of his free throws, which Gabe can’t do, I say play him.

He can jump he can rebound albeit he gains some weight & strength, which can be done. He can also block or alter shots. As I recall he is pretty quick.
By now he should know to work on his FT shooting would be a plus.

He can jump then he can rebound albeit he gains some weight and strength, which can be done. He can also block or alter shots. As I recall he is pretty quick.
He should know by now to work on his his FT shooting would get him on the court more to.

Scouts and college coaches knew all of this, yet he was still ranked highly, he was a ESPN top 100 recruit, and was the most highly recruited when you talk about high major offers among all of our freshmen. The reason for this is because of his length and athleticism, guys with his attributes usually translate into being pretty good college basketball players. And I understand there’s recruiting misses all of the time, but I think it’s WAY to earlier to write Henderson off. Like I said in my first post, he’s going to look completely different a year from now. His body can add a lot of weight, with how lanky he is you can tell he’s still growing he’s going to get taller, and he has ELITE athleticism, you can’t teach that.

Also, as far as high school stats, I’ll be honest that stuff is irrelevant. Can you tell me right now who was the leading scorer in Arkansas high school basketball last year? I sure can’t and I follow Arkansas high school basketball. When you’re evaluating a kid it’s off of potential and projecting their growth and can they play at the next level, not their actual stats. Keyshawn Embery-Simpson didn’t even start on IMG Academy and I’m pretty sure he didn’t even average 10 PPG his senior year, yet he’s a 4-star recruit, and looks like he’s going to be a productive college player. Moses Kingsley averaged 7 PPG and 7 RPG and couldn’t shoot a lick and was skinny in high school, very similar description as you gave for Henderson, and he ended up a top 40 recruit, and was a pre-season SEC POY. I’m sure I can go down previous year rosters and find more examples of guys that didn’t light it up in high school and ended up being college players. Heck, I know Mason Jones stats as a 265 pound guard in high school couldn’t have been too great.

I’m gonna stick around and see how it all shakes out. Lord willing.

This is a good class you predicted but nonetheless none of these guys are go getters on the offensive end and that’s where Arkansas has struggled the most this season… We also need to have a guy like AJ Bramah who can go get his own offensively you can’t save scholarships in this age of attrition this staff may not get a chance to sign a 2020 class

i still hope they are able to bounce back this season and have success. It’s not to late to do it. On both ends of the floor there’s issues but not having a shut down point guard that can stop and stay in front of other point guards is killing us. We don’t have enough ball movement and try to knock holes in the court with the dribble.
Maybe they can find a playmaker that can knock his shot down from all over the floor

The next class could be their last for sure but I’m hoping CMA can find a way to get enough wins this year to get over the hump. Next year he better have some difference makers because the short bench isn’t getting it done. The 4 spot only has Chaney to provide positive play on both ends of the floor.
For those that leave their may need to be a house cleaning to where they can get more quality depth. I’m not sure listing names is the right thing to do.
We all know Gafford will put his name in the hat for the NBA draft
Garland should get a medical hardship
Phillips has already transferred.
That’s 3.
I hope they get 6. Sign 1 JUCO of grad transfer and the rest out of high school.

Man, I know you love Bramah, and I like his tapes, but there has to be a reason why we are the only “major” to offer and we seem to have backed off.

Bramah and Arkansas are not happening. I’ve stayed in contact with his coach and the Razorbacks and others have not been to see him lately.

There is something there that has the Razorbacks and others not running to Sheridan. Not sure what it is.

I think Arkansas has an excellent shot to have a class of Hill, Franklin, Hawkins and another big.

I’m not sure why one of the posters think Embery-Simpson is a candidate to transfer.

He loves it here and his 2020 AAU buddy Bryce Thompson may be here soon as well.

Dudley, I was one of the first guys to bring up Embery-Simpson on here. I said it a few weeks back. I saw some reports by other media personnel that indicated he was unhappy at the beginning of the season, but I also have said since then he seems to be fine now. I think others saw those posts and may have seen me mention him earlier.

The guys I expected to leave was

Definitely gone - Gafford, Garland, Ali

Possibly gone - Henderson, Phillips (was correct)

Rumor mill gone - Embery-Simpson

That’s the way I actually phrased it a few weeks ago, along with why I thought each would leave. So, it maybe my fault.

As for the others, I’m still not sure we won’t have four more open up. Now, what about our walk-on transfer? Would he fall into that “man” category?

Gafford to the NBA - the obvious best scenario would be him coming back, but don’t see that happening right now.

Jordan Phillips
Khalil Garland
Someone else

That would give you the ability to sign 4 in 2019.

If any others transferred, that scholarship would go to 2020.

If you are trying to say that a total of 8 people would transfer, be put on medical scholarship or go to the NBA - well, no I don’t see that at all.

I see what you are saying Army I just think we need at least two more Jucos seeing the success they have in our system…I hope coach A puts it together before the mob gathers enough ammunition to strike