Who starts on Saturday?

My guess: AB, RC4, Walsh, Makhi, Kamani


I’d guess Davis or Smith instead of Johnson.


I agree Matt. Devo is going to come back stronger than ever! I really believe that.

I think Nick is going to start. How long he can go remains to be seen…

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I agree, I think Smith needs to start and get the jitters behind him.

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In my world Johnson is not a starter.

Don’t think he’s in game shape, yet. Next Saturday, or the following week. He just needs to ease back in

Kamani was a Game 1 starter … like you, I’m guessing he’s not in the starting lineup when SEC play begins, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he starts Saturday if Devo isn’t returned to the lineup after his absence … Kamani played starter minutes Monday night.


Aloha Wax,
Go with you with NS first off the bench.
UA…Campus of Champions

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I would like to see Devo start to show that everyone is supporting him. I realize that is a Muss decision.

I’d guess, IF Nick experienced no swelling or pain and practices well this week, it will be:

AB, RC4, Nick, Walsh, & Mahki - for the first 3-5 minutes.

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I don’t think Nick starts. First his minutes are limited. I think more importantly, no matter his talent, he has yet to prove anything in college. His teammates have. I suspect Miss demands his players earn starting and PT. Nick has to do that. I am sure he will, but not yet


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