Who starts on mound for Hogs tomorrow?

Who is pitching tomorrow night?

Any chance we see a change at 1st, we have nobody over there producing at all?

It will be either Kacey Murphy or Isaiah Campbell.

Matt do you know a status on Biggers?

I think he is supposed to get the stitches out of his finger today, so it becomes a matter of whether he can play through whatever lingering pain is there.

Jax swung a bat in practice yesterday for the first time since he suffered the injury. He might be in the starting lineup tomorrow, but more likely Thursday.

Why is that, Matt? I know Campbell hasn’t pitched much, but Kacey will have had only 5 days rest. Blaine will have 6. What is their thinking?

The thinking is to keep Blaine on the same schedule. Neither Isaiah nor Kacey threw as much as usual last weekend. Whoever throws will have extra rest leading up to their start in the regional.

You start gearing everything for next week’s regional. You keep Blaine on same rest since he threw most last weekend.

Great information and thanks for sharing guys! Makes sense.

Who would be the most likely 4 th stated if needed

based off Saturday’s performance, I am sure the fourth starter would be Kole Ramage

I think it depends on what you need before the fourth game. Kole Ramage is really good the first time through the order, especially against right-handers. Maybe you use him as a set-up man to get to Matt Cronin with four or five outs to go.

It just kind of depends on matchups. I don’t think this team has a designated fourth starter.

The game of baseball blows my mind. The depth of
nuance in this game is beautiful to watch unfold.

Mandelbrot and Taleb alive on a field of competition.

Arkansas plans to start Kacey Murphy tomorrow.

South Carolina did just enough last night against Missouri to win! They turned a few crucial double plays to keep it close. And got the big hit when it was crunch time! I thought 118 pitches for the ace for Kentucky was a stretch. I really expected a pitching change when they had the lead late and he was tired.

I read that SC used 3 pitchers. Did any of the relievers throw enough that they’re not like to pitch tonight?

SC is arguably the Hottest team in the league and their starter Hill is nasty .I look for a 3-2 type game and hopefully we can execute the fundamentals and pull this one out.

That’s hard to say! The chickens will probably throw the kitchen sink at the hogs today. They have plenty of arms available.