Who signs on 2/6?

Who do we expect to sign on 2/6?

The only ones I would put money on are Hudson, Treylon, and Jalen. I fully expect Otey to flip. Really don’t know about Lakia, Chris, or Spivey. Hopefully we can get at least 2.

In past years I would most likely agree with you, not this year though. I believe Arkansas will run the table on the above recruits.

Hudson Henry, Treylon Burks, and Jalen Catalon are obvious ones.

I think Chris Russell and A’Monate Spivey sign with Arkansas. I projected Lakia Henry to Arkansas in Dec. I’ll stick with that until I’m convinced he’ll go elsewhere.

Will wait to call Otey.

As of this moment, I would say all of them.

But Otey is the wildcard to me with his trip to LA.

He sure seemed to be happy in the pictures and in wearing the USC uniform…

If all we sign is Treylon, Hudson, and Jalen, I will still be ecstatic. Any of the others are really great “gravy on top”. On the flip side, if we lose just one of the first 3, it would be a bummer.

I have the same feeling about those 3. The hogs need a RB in the class so I’m hoping Spivey signs with the hogs and I also believe he is ranked lower than his talents suggest.
The need at LB for our defense leads to me believe this is a make or break signing 1 or 2 in this class. Signing Russel would be nice but signing him and Henry would bring fireworks.
When Otey failed to sign in December I didn’t feel comfortable with his commitment and since the USC visit the flip seems like it will happen.
On the NSD no matter what happens I’m excited about the progress the coaches has made in recruiting. The coaches seem to have the “it” factor when it comes to relating to players and their families. Just for a moment consider what they can do in recruiting after a winning season!

I’m looking forward to seeing that in the next recruiting cycle.

From your fingers to God’s ear. I’d even call a 6-6 record a winning season. It might end up being one anyway with a bowl win.

I too have said the same thing. This staff is unreal on the recruiting trail and my goodness, if you improve to say 6-6 one would think at a minimum you have a class pretty close to equal or better. They do this for several years and we all might be grinning from ear to ear at what is happening on the field. I know that the jury is still out on the coaching part and get it and agree with everyone on that. Hopefully with some solid solid classes the results will show up.

We do need those 2 LBS for sure!