Who should we play every year?

The Athletic is polling its Big Ten readers on which teams each B1G school should play after USC and UCLA join the league. Thought I’d do the same for us after the SEC goes to 16 teams. We don’t know the exact format yet, but it will likely either be 8 games with one permanent rival, or 9 games with 3 permanent rivals. So pick your three below that you want to see on our schedule every year.

  • Texas
  • Ole Miss
  • Missouri
  • Oklahoma
  • Texas A&M
  • LSU
  • Mississippi State
  • Vanderbilt
  • Someone else

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By the way, the basketball schedule is also likely to have three permanent home-and-homes. Answers may or may not be the same for hoops.

Oklahoma, Texass, Ole Miss

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I want Texas ( I live in Austin), LSU, and Ole Miss


I’ll take Ole Miss, LSU and Bama. My basketball selections would be Texas, Ky, and Auburn.

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You guys all make sure you vote in the poll as well as posting.

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LSU, OM, & OK. Good inter-state SEC rivalries.

Was especially happy to leave arrogant & entitled ut in the rearview mirror when we left the SWC for the SEC.

Missouri does not seem to excite anyone & wish we could renew LSU as our final game & SEC rival.


I don’t necessarily think Missouri should be one of the three teams, but I think it will be.


My thinking on that is eventually, we go back to being Arkansas and they go back to being same ol’ Misery, and we’ll own that series like we used to own, say, TCU. Over time that should be as close to a guaranteed win as you can get in the SEC.

I meant from an interest standpoint. I think your three permanent opponents should be games that are anticipated the most. It seems there is a general apathy from both fan bases for that game.


I think the scheduling is why. It’s only meant something once, when they won the East by beating us at CoMo that first year. The rest of the time, it’s been two mediocre teams playing out the string the day after Thanksgiving. And in general I think Misery is pretty apathetic about football in general. If we’re playing them with a real shot at the CFP or SECCG, there will be plenty of interest.

Aloha Matt,
Concur. See it as Texas, Oklahoma and Missouri. Personally, prefer Ole Miss over Missouri. But don’t see it happening.
UA…Campus of Champions

Give me Texas. Do not care one bit who the other two opponents are. When we play in Austin I can go to the game and get some good golfing in at one of my favorite spots, Barton Creek. Not to mention the atmosphere for the Texas game in Fayetteville in '21 was better than just about anything I have experienced in the past.

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I voted for Texas, OM, and Vandy

Texas and Missy are natural

I want Vandy to ease the schedule


I think I chose ole piss,MSU, LSU. Ole miss for sure. Whatever for the rest

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LSU, A&M, Oklahoma

I prefer to snub the longhorns

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I went with Mizzou, Ole Miss, and Texas. Rather than trying to start over with a new rivalry, let’s work on a couple we have on the backburner (OM, Mizzou). Plus, this gives us an every now and then shot at 3-0 for our permanent games. THAT is what I want - reasonable, but possible. My heart would love UT, A&M, and OU but I don’t want to be the 4th team in that grouping many years!

I have said Texas, OU and Mizzou from the date I first mentioned the “permanent 3” NON-pod a year and a half ago. No reason to change now.

Mizzou, for me, is NOT a game I get excited about. But, if you have Texas and OU on your schedule every year (as well as at least 2 or 3 other significantly difficult games in the SEC rotation), you NEED a relatively easy (and, yes, I know our history with them contradicts that description) 3rd on the list. Plus, it is close enough that over time, there is a good chance that it actually develops into a more meaningful rivalry.

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Ole Miss, LSU and Texas.

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So far 63 people have voted, and if my math is right, 8 of them left off the Fightin’ Fallopians. I’m surprised there were that many.