Who Should Be Hired as the NEW Offensive Coordinator?

  • Chip Long
  • Kendal Briles
  • Major Applewhite
  • Rhett Lashlee

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If it is one of these 4…I’ll say it’ll be Applewhite. :sunglasses:

I’d be happy with any.

I’m taking Briles , who appears is actually a realistic candidate over the rest though. I think his possibility of being able to get D’eriq king would be huge

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That would be a plus! I think his scheme best fits what Pittman wants to do as well.

He loves a DT qb. So do I. I think it’s the great and one of the few equalizers in football. An Elite DT qb, gives you a chance against anyone

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Kellen Moore—after Jerry fires the Cowboys’ staff.

Kellen Moore would in my opinion be a very good fit but if the Cowboys keep playing like they did against the Rams then it would not surprise me to see Jerry keep that staff in tact.

I don’t know why anyone thinks Kellen Moore is leaving the NFL. He’s the coordinator of the No. 1 offense in the league. As everyone looks for the next Sean McVay, he’s put himself in position to be an NFL head coach.

How’s Sean working out this year? Not even going to make the playoffs

Who is King ?

King is a quarterback at UHouston who decided to redshirt the 2019 season after they got off to a 1-3 start with him in the lineup. He is graduating and could enter the portal but to date has not.

D’eriq King redshirt decision

I was kidding. I was just being too lazy to put some kind of emoticon into the post to help indicate that I was joking.

Considering where he is right now, I doubt Moore would take a lateral move at best in his career and become our OC.

[insert joking emoticon here]

After using my limited Google skills I came across an article on Brent Dearmon done by 247sports and have concluded that this guy is exactly what Pittman has been describing. Great with players, tough as nails, and one of the best with the RPO offense. Family oriented and squeaky clean.

Here’s your article.

Brent Dearmon

Matt you are probably right but this guy is 30 years old or thereabout and looks like a teenager. It is really hard for me to see him being ready for an NFL job. Cowboys do have the most impressive offense from a statistical perspective but they have also been very inconsistent and quite frankly very disappointing until they erupted against the Rams. They are likely not going very far in the post season … if they even make post season and Garrett will be most likely be gone. Maybe Moore gets a head job as you suggest but he more than likely will be looking for another OC job. I thought college might be a better fit because of his age and I was guessing that Jerry might have influenced him to consider Arkansas. Just a wild idea that has not chance as you pointed out. Hey that is why you get paid the big bucks!

This pretty much dooms it for Briles. Remember those Kiffin poles?

LOL…that’s pretty funny mchawg…I thought of that too when I voted.

Who is the candidate who best knows the SEC?

Rich Rodriquez

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Applewhite, Lashlee, Long, and Rodriguez all have some degree of SEC experience.