Who says

You can’t recruit to Arkansas? This staff loves to recruit. Bout time we had a relentless staff that got the job done. I’m impressed to say the least. Go hogs

BMFP showed that we can be a top 5 program with creative offense. So far this staff is showing that we can be top 20 with recruiting.

Maybe with it all we can hope for at least national respect and consistent rankings?

I’ve been thinking 6 wins and then bowl game this year, the OL injuries make that less likely, but this staff is showing that they are ready to succeed…maybe we should bet the over???


All the Bert fan boys had that excuse on lockdown.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, we are quickly realizing that Bret was not even close to the recruiter some made him out to be.

Hired too many NFL guys who didn’t know recruiting, just one of the many incompetent mistakes he made.

Chad understands recruiting, there’s no way he should have this nice of a class with the situation he inherited.

He was a jabroni and a blow hard. I saw it from the beginning.

CM and staff are simply relentless and get these young guys on campus… no one saw this coming but it damn sure is nice seeing what he has done in less than 10 months on the job. Nothing but up from here if you get great recruiting with good coaching (TBD).

Certainly, this staff is blowin’ and goin’ at this point, and they are to be commended for all they have accomplished so far. I thin one advantage they have over many staffs are their age. They appeal to the teen-agers, and the not-so-young ones (such as Chief and Caldwell) have the credentials to back their pitch. Add to that, this group is Internet savvy, moreso than the last staff, which also used the Internet but not to the extent this staff does. Combine a HC with the fire to recruit with a young, ambitious staff and an Internet-friendly recruiters who know how to close, and you have the potential for a Top 20 class, if not higher.

Bret started getting guys from out of state the big boys wanted that others weren’t able to get in the past. Before he got to Arkansas, I can’t recall the Hogs beating out Fla, FSU and Miami for Florida guys. He did the same on prospects in Texas the Horns wanted and in Oklahoma that OU wanted.

I remember seeing people saying Arkansas is wasting their time on many of those guys. Froholdt turned down Ohio St., Bama, Michigan, Florida State and other powers. Yes, Petrino would get an out-of-state kid once in awhile with very good offers but not to the extent Bret did.

Morris is obviously showing he can too.

Richard, Richard, Richard. How dare you go throwing in facts to screw up people’s agendas.

I’m thinking one huge advantage the current staff has is the way they connect with kids on Twitter, particularly the graphics that the recruits seem to love, judging from how they get retweeted constantly.

That’s what I was saying in that this group of younger guys know how to connect on social media. But CBB wasn’t a poor recruiter, and people who so quickly dismiss him are rewriting history. I don’t think we have to tear one coach down to build up another. I’m amazed now by all the people who said they knew from the beginning CBB wouldn’t work out. I figure there’s some revisionist history in some of that as well.

I’ll agree with your last two sentences. I actually did say Long should be fired for hiring Bret, and Bret would fail. No one now commenting or saying they knew agreed with me. They said I should shut up because I was wrong. Funny how things change, huh.

It’s kind of like 120,000 people saying they were at the 1969 Shootout. We know they all can’t be telling the truth.

Confirmed, I was there.

While Richard makes some good points, I would argue that the number of athletes that he refers to that we “beat the big boys” for was few in number. And, they were much more prevalent early in his stay here rather than late.

In addition, we signed a lot of kids who didn’t work out. I know a physician well who is friends with at least one current SEC head coach, as well as several assistants. They all had similar sentiments that Arkansas took way too many kids who “were not SEC quality kids”.

In addition, while our former coach was not necessarily responsible for all recruiting issues, I don’t sense his assistant coaches in total were very good recruiters.

At least so far this staff seems to be doing a better job in recruiting. Especially with the current state of the program.

Hunter Henry, Alex Collins, Denver Kirkland, Dan Skipper and Reeve Koehler, Frank Ragnow, Brian Wallace, Bijhon Jackson, Rafe Peavey, Jalen Merrick, Will Gragg, CJ O’Grady, Hjalte Froholdt, Zach Rogers, Ty Storey, Devwah Whaley, McTelvin Agim, Briston Guidry,Montaric Brown, Chevin Calloway, Kam Curl, Jeremy Patton, Brandon Martin, Chase Hayden, Jarques McClellion.

While in no way to I think I could be described as a fan boy about any head coach in the major sports here over the last 30 years, it is a historic fact - not an opinion - that Arkansas has not been able to land top 10-15 because of the inherent recruiting disadvantages (number of prospects in-state and in a 250-mile radius, bad narratives from other staffs about the state, no urban radio station until this time last year and lack of success).

Those are not excuses or opinions. They are historical facts.

Maybe this staff can over-recruit the norm. They have been on fire the last two weeks. But they are at 20 right now and they are killing it, yet still 10 or 11th in the own conference.

I disagree. Until the last 14 games, he had the program trending upward.

While he might not have been the coach he was at Wisconsin, I found him to be stand up guy and certainly not the jabroni and blowhard that you state.

Like I said as well, somewhere. I know he got some good players.

But his classes were very top heavy. It also has had a lot of guys who never panned out. Some big time recruits that never lived up to their hype, as well as many guys who never developed. Now, is that evaluation issues, or coaching development issues? I think it was both.

Our guys never looked the part under Bret, I get we were usually the less in shape team. I have many friends who are/were on the team and I know they weren’t in as good of shape as they are now. I know so many praise the ground Herbert walked on, but we did tend to look soft and get pushed around especially in the end.

Bret never recruited enough speed, he realized his teams were too slow when his days were already numbered.

That’s recruiting, if you’re in the SEC you have to know what to recruit, he failed miserably in the speed department.

So yes he absolutely got some tough gets, but in the end, he got fired because he didn’t do many things right, recruiting was one of then. I remember him saying you recruit your own problems, he recruited slow teams. Hired poorly. Ultimately had too many non SEC caliber guys playing on the field. As well as running a system that he didn’t recruit the necessary OL to run.

I don’t dislike Bret, I’m not one of his haters. I just don’t like coaches that lose. I’ve heard a lot about him from the players perspective on a friend level. I think he’s a solid guy, but I also think he was a bit too stubborn, and it hurt him. Big time.

I agree with the statement about factually we haven’t recruited top 10-15 classes. However, the listed reasons that followed were opinions, not facts. I would argue that better sales people can overcome some of the listed reasons for failure to recruit better. Especially, the bad narratives from other staffs. The fact that it hasn’t been done doesn’t mean it can’t. We, so far, are seeing a much improved result even though the same obstacles remain.

Petrino improved the recruiting with his first class alone, pissed off too many HS coaches and then he took way too many chances on projects. Bielema was a nice guy but he couldn’t reign in his desire or his staff. His desire to run the ball countered Enos’s playcalling and the lack of Oline talent. Anderson had no recruiting relationships because of working in the NFL. Anderson didn’t have the HS connections and credibility of a Pittman or BJ Grimes.