Who’s Sam’s new agent?

I’ve heard Sam has switched agents since the MSU game, please tell me it isn’t Sexton.

That would surprise me but I guess it is possible.

Heard it from a very connected source, I was surprised, too.

That surprises me.

I would figure either Sexton or Rick Landrum at caa or Neil Cornish (sp?). Some also use trace Armstrong.

Sadly, sam’s contract is low based on market now and administration will have to step up

Money call has already gone out this week for the old “coach’s retention “ fund.

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Seems like I saw something very recently that Judy Henry was with Jamie Pittman after a game, maybe even the Misery game.

Can’t say this surprises me. Sam is not a dummy. He knows he has done excellent work for two years, has probably increased his value by a lot more than the $750,000 in incentive raises he’s earned, and I’m sure other schools have sniffed around him in the last few weeks.

So we get back to what we discussed the other day. Either HY locks him down or we lose him and risk starting over. HY might get another great hire. He also might get another Chad Morris. So I’m glad they’re making “coach’s retention” calls.

Strike while the irons hot rings a bell. With other coaches with the same 8-4 record that you beat this year who makes 9.5 million a year it makes sense to go after bigger bucks. Sam has seen how quick leverage can go away.


We need to pay him. He’s earned a lot of money for the UA.


The change came after the MSU game where she was sitting with Jamie at the PC table.

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In view of Oklahoma and Texas joining SEC and coaching changes since the season, one can argue he saved the football program. Starting from where we were two years ago and confronting these developments in 2021, not sure anyone would want or could be hired for what that task would require. Sam wanted the job and Broyles only wanted the Arkansas job. We paid a couple coaches to go away, Let’s try the other way and spread it to the assistants too.


Brian Kelly’s agent is Trace Armstrong.

Neil Cornish represents Bielema, so he’s been here before. And Sexton has a list of clients a mile long, including Joey Freshwater.

Judy might have felt he would be better represented with someone who had significant expertise in matters and like and she stays retained by the Pittman family to review contracts, etc. She might also not want to be a part of extensive negotiations considering her relationship to the university.


This! this is exactly what I thought, as well.


I don’t disagree with what HY did with Sam originally, with a “low” base salary and a lot of incentives. But clearly in the last few weeks the game has changed. BK will make more than $100M as the head Corndog if he survives this contract. And monkey see, monkey do, other schools are going to start throwing checks with lots of zeroes around like Monopoly money.

Not a good look for Arkansas to be near bottom of SEC in HC pay

And very few have done a better job with what they have than Sam - and overcoming a program left for dead a few years ago even


I’ve seen the $250k/win referred to as a “raise” and have also seen it called a “bonus.” The former implies it’s a permanent part of his salary. The latter suggests its for this year only. I have no idea which is correct.

Either way, I agree Sam has earned both a raise & an extension. I don’t know what the agent change was about. I know Judy Henry quite well & respect her a lot. I’ll be disappointed if the change is so Sam can get someone like Sexton whose only goal is to keep parlaying his clients for raises. I’m all for honorable negotiation. I don’t care for the tactic of always playing for leverage.


My understanding, and the story Matt wrote and I’m linking below states, is that it’s a raise. He’s also getting some bonuses, for making a bowl game, etc., but winning 8 games got a $750K raise.

It’s a raise, I linked the MOU from his hiring and Matt said the only thing that changed from it was that the raises started Jan 1st, instead of March 1.

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Sam doesn’t seem like the kind of person who has to be the highest paid to fulfill his ego. But he does support/stand up for his assistants. Assuming his contract is renegotiated, I wonder if he will make sure some of the money he could get is used for raises for his coaches, especially the coordinators.