Who’s our strongest finisher at the basket?

I was really impressed with Jordan Walsh attacking the basket against Fordham last Friday. Thought he finished very strongly and withstood contact very well.
Who do y’all think is the best finisher attacking the basket?
UA…Campus of Champions

I think Council is the strongest and most able to finish through contact.

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Council has REALLY impressed me.

Definitely a good candidate. The twins have to be right there too. I really like what I’ve seen from Makhi.

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Council is the best Arkansas has right now attacking the rim. He is 8 of 10 at the rim to this point, and Jalen Graham is second in rim scores with 5.

Good quick feet with his post moves and a good handle for a “Big”. More athletic than I expected, after watching the European games. I noticed he complemented our strength coach for helping him since he’s been here.

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