Who’s Going to BYU?

I’m considering taking the trip and spending extra time up there sightseeing with the wife. Any thoughts on things to do week before the game?

Salt Lake City is an interesting city and Park City is not too far away (45 miles from Provo). Lots of outdoorsy things to see in the Wasatch Mountains. I enjoyed hiking to the top of Ensign Peak which is directly behind the Utah state Capitol building in SLC. It’s about a mile walk up and back, 400 feet up and a great view of the city and the entire Salt Lake Valley from up there.

I was going to go, but opted to go to Maui with the basketball team. I figure I’ll catch the Utah game in 2026.

Nice allocation of time/resources…

Fly fish the Provo. Ha. There is also golf around the area. Park City is pricey but it’s nice.

She’s run me off if I took up fishing. I’ve got too many hobbies now with golf and hunting.

I curtailed my golf a lot because of fishing but have begun a comeback with the golf game since joining Big Creek. I am not what I once was but few are so I’ve accepted that I just can’t slide around the course like I once did.

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