Who remembers

how the O Line was getting ridiculed in Ford’s last season as QB Stoerner was getting pounded every game?

Nutt’s staff came in and changed the offense with more 3 step drop, quick passes. Stoerner looked much better and offense improved significantly.

Would quicker, shorter passes help this O Line in pass protection?

Doubt it, the offense is based on play action and three step drops negate much of that. If QB was mobile , then you could spread it out and let him pickup some of the rush yardage but we don’t have that option. Also with three step drop, the def backs will just press cover the receivers more or allow them to catch it and tackle them before they can run far. If you cannot run the ball your options collapse upon the other things you do.

You could split the larger tight ends out to create mismatches and give them the ball quicker to allow them to run. We lined up to run that against Auburn and they called time out and we did not go back to it.

I do remember those games. I was at Oxford when Ole Miss sacked him for at least 10 times and he was like a punch drunk fighter trying to stand up . I gave him major props for hanging in there but it was so senseless at the same time.

Clint took his share of major hits. Once Brandon B. Got on the field a lot of that changed. Even that era the Oline was better than we see on this team.
I think we need an over haul period.
I still can remember all those pass interference calls that were made aginst the hogs when we lost to the Vols. The Clint trip and fall is what most folks talk about but the flags are the only reason we lost. Also Nutt lacked the balls to go for it instead 3 snaps and punt in late game situations and put the defense on the field