Who remembers Tony Brown?

My dad loved that guy. Tough, tough defender.

I remember how upset I’d get as a kid when guys like Hastings, Leroy Sutton, Ricky Norton were out of eligibility. Felt the same in Nolan era…Bowers, Howell, ect.

Times change. So hard to feel the same loyalty for what has become off season AAU basketball.

Downtown Tony Brown!

It’s definitely affected my interest level in basketball that players (if they’re very good, and often even if they’re not) don’t stick around for four years. It was always nice back in the day when you had a good player as a freshman to be able to relish the fact that he would be around for THREE more years. Players playing for their full eligibility helped fans to develop a bond. Now it just seems that college basketball is much less about the team and much more about the individual and what is best for him.

Lenzie Howell = bad ass. One of my all time favorite Hogs. Great scorer and mid-range game. Underrated in lists of all time great Hog hoops players.

Long and athletic. He was fun to watch.

I remember there was a game that we trailed,most of the game,Tony shot one from 25-30 ft , nothing but the bottom of the net. That shot changed momentum and we went on and won the game . Does anybody remember who we were playing that night?

Very much so. I understand why kids leave when they do. I know there is no going back to the “Good ole days” but the changes have really hurt college basketball.

Tony Brown was a terrific defensive player that played some pg at 6’6" at a time when that was unheard of. He was a terrific passer especially to the interior. But most will remember him as a prolific and exciting dunker!

Downtown Tony Brown!

Loved that guy, that whole era.

If I recall correctly he had a vicious dunk in the NBA, made highlights, back when there weren’t many highlights.

I think he played for the Knicks? That’s a dusty old memory, could be wrong.

Man I loved those Sutton teams, loved Sutton. that ended so badly for us when he “crawled to Lexington”, but then Nolan came Strollin’ and all was well.

It was SO fun being a hog fan back then!


Down Town was electrifying as were the others mentioned here. All had their roles and they played them for the benefit of the team not just the individual.
Those Teams and Coaches seam so far back in time but yet still fresh in memeory as if it were yesterday.

I remember Tony a little differently. when he was a freshman, I thought he was timid and not confident at all. He was a turnover waiting to happen.

But he kept getting better and better. He could barely dribble at first, but later he often brought the ball up the court. And as he got more confident, his shot got better and better.

Anybody know where he is now, what he’s doing?

He’s an assistant coach with the Wizards. He had a brief stint as head coach of the Nets.

Tony is a great guy who is still coaching in the NBA, currently as assistant coach for the Washington Wizards.

He was drafted in the fourth round of the 1982 NBA Draft by Milwaukee and ended up playing for seven seasons in the league with nine different teams.

Tony then went into coaching and has been an assistant with five different teams, including my beloved Boston Celtics

I loved Tony Brown and he was so great to us as young campers at Eddie Sutton basketball camp.

He had a great dunk.

He tried one at camp where he tried to put the ball up his shirt and pull it out while in the air and dunk it.

He was awesome.

Thanks for the memory.