Who remembers Tom Bonner

at channel 4?

He sent a nice email. Tom if you’re on the board thanks again.

Always neat to hear from people you grew up watching or listening to over the years.


Better question is “Who doesn’t remember Tom Bonner?” Tom was a mainstay of my childhood. Dialing for Dollars. Channel 4 weather. Hope he’s doing well. Seems like a great guy.


Tom Bonner was Channel 4 for many years. He had a great voice and delivery. I miss that Channel 4…long gone.

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Yes, definitely a legend.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Channel 4 had more viewers than 7 when he, Roy Mitchell and Dave Woodman were there.


Anyone who grew up in Ark remembers Tom.

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grape nehi ice cream memories

If you really want to feel old, who remembers George Moore from Channel 11?

“That’s news by George, George Moore reporting”.


How about Les Bolton. I didn’t know he only had one arm until long after he left channel 7. I think he was the first newsman who had a pilot’s license and flew around the state.

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Yes, channel 4 was the highest rated station in Arkansas for years. They started going downhill when Dave Woodman went to channel 7 after Bud Campbell died, and Dave was the voice of the Razorbacks for a couple of years. I don’t know why he didn’t last as the voice, but I guess Frank wasn’t happy with his delivery or something to that effect.

Dave now does PA at UALR Basketball.

Only us old folk remember George. My wife calls me her “crazy old man”. Can’t argue with that…

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I remember Les.

I remember Les Nessman…

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And the flying turkey bit…hilarious…

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Steve Stephens of “Steve’s Show” died last week, I was told. He was a legend in Little Rock television. He had that great voice and the blond pompadour hair.

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Tom Bonner is an icon. When we could get that channel.
Sure everyone can remember my favorite Weatherman - John Chandler of channel 5-KFSA now KFSM.
John said he liked KFSA better, the FSA can stand for Fort Smith Arkansas. He was abruptly fired at some point by KFSM management. About the same manner as Mike Irwin was a few years ago. I was PO’ed about both.

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He is still on the air here in Georgia for a siding or window company

I’m sure you’re seeing Ron Sherman doing those ads. His ad agency in LR specializes in those type TV spots. We see him all the time in Chattanooga.

Funny. I used to get Tom and Ron confused when I was younger. I think Ron Sherman might’ve invented the Gusty drawing. Vic Schedler later did it, too. Vic might’ve invented Gusty. Not sure.

Then there was Ray Lincoln’s radio parody of both of them, Sherman Bonner. Let’s just say it was not a politically correct parody and would probably get him fired today.

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