Who remembers the wild Wild West day’s of the Hog Pen Board?

Those were whole days

One thing I loved was simply reading the “handles” and monikers of the posters

Like : OboarOneKenibie (sp)

PorkinMindy to name a few?

Other favorites?

“The Truth”, not so much for his moniker but for his persona.

Sloppy 77 and Hambone are still on what is left of the old thing.



loved all that

remember when we missed the NCAA BB tourney, so we all adopted Oregon, changed the colors to green and yellow (or whatever they are), and lots of folks changed their handles to Duck themes?

Very fun times


I really like “Swinebeforepearls” too!

They were Fun Times!

I don’t know about the Hog Pen, but I always loved Buddy Hoggy and his wife, Piggy Sue.

I remember clicking on a link and having to wait 5 minutes for the link to open. It sometimes took forever to read a thread.

Some of those names were priceless. And, they carried over onto the Hawgs Illustrated board. Then, there were those that were double tough to figure out, like Jim Daniel. He’s now ColoradoHog. I much preferred the mystery behind just Jim Daniel.

NedBeatySqueeled and Dirk Piggler are my all time favorites…

This thread is a clear example of why we need a “Like” button

Lots of fun remembering these names - many I had forgotten but as soon as you folks posted I got a fun chuckle

Its so good to laugh

Go Hogs Go

I would actually see some of these characters and call them by their board name. Their faces and their board names blended together in my mind. Some of these guys I now call by their real names and that seems altogether strange.

This one may get deleted…Hoggystyle. :grin:

I always liked Swineonyoucrazydiamond.

Wasn’t there a Zsa Zsa GaBoar?

There were definitely some great names.

My favorite from years ago was Hogustus Ceasar. We had some lively debates. But he was a good dude.

I remember all of those names and most of them did make it to Hawgsillustrated. Why didn’t they make it over here?

I also remember Clay getting the ole Razorback cinema rented for us about 10 years ago for Friday Night Lights and chuck doing radio broadcast there. I got to meet a lot of those names.

Really miss the family atmosphere this board once had. Wish we could get it back there. I think the board had a different behavior when most people knew one another.

Well said