Who remembers JFB’s last year as Head Coach?

The previous year was great, capped with a Cotton Bowl win.

Everyone was optimistic, expectations were high with the pollsters.

Then we had a rash of injuries.

I think we finished 5-5-1.

Similar to this year I would say.


Good comparison.

Weren’t we ranked -#1 at one point early in that season ?

Remember it well.

Discussed this with another fan couple weeks ago. We wondered if it was the experience levels of one team versus the other team or was coaching better in one era or not. Injuries were the common factor and results same. Depth is critical , esp. when you face completion in SEC plus our harder schedules past number of years.

We were ranked 13th in preseason in '76, got as high as 11th before we ran out of quarterbacks.

Sports Illustrated had us #1 in their preseason issue in 1978 coming off the Orange Bowl win in 1977.

We’ve still only been ranked #1 in AP or coaches for one week in history, after the Texas game in 1965.

I have that SI, great cover. “Calcagni, Cowins and Holtz”…something like that !

Memories get really hazy with the passage of time, so thanks for reminder on that 76 season.

Did we start 5-1-1 or something like that before we lost out or is that also a bad memory ?

As I recall Texas game was moved to end of year and the two legends Broyles and Royal retired after the game, TV announcers talked about it.

Sorry to go down memory lane, but it’s more fun in a season like this.

That’s correct. We lost to Tulsa 9-3 as future Hog Steve Cox kicked three field goals and Robert Farrell dropped a touchdown pass. The previous week we’d beaten Okie Lite in LR without throwing a single pass, which hinted at future QB troubles to come. Started 5-1, tied Bayluh at Waco in early November, then the wheels fell off. It was known at kickoff time in Austin that DKR and JFB were both calling it quits.