Who reffed the game?

Was is Marc Curles?

Officiating sucked, but didn’t effect the outcome directly. Too many variable to say one way or another.

They sure set the tone early and stayed the course. From the fumble to the PI’s that were called and not called!
The review was also a darn joke! Why waste time looking at a play when there’s no intent to get the call right!
It was a screw job!
The hogs shot themselves in the foot on offense all day long!

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I will argue it did affect the outcome of the game. We force a fumble on their end of the field and they rule forward progress was stopped. If so, it should have been a personal foul on us as we threw their player to the ground. They call PI on us on their side of the field when their player fell down. No call on an obvious PI on Treylon Burks on the two point conversion. PI on Hudson Clark when there was not much contact and the call was uncatchable. It sure appeared to me that we made it on the 4th down and we got a bad spot. We did not play that well but all of these are momentum killers.


My observation The Refs called the game right against Arkansas Amd loose for Auburn that was enough other than an obvious I TE risk not announcing a call to prevent a fumble recovery for Arkansas

A pass interference on Ark secondary of a non catchable ball

A holding call again at Arky that was iffy

Constantly refusal to see mugging of Arkansas receivers

Other than that The Refs are outstanding members of the SEC referee mafia

In the end Arkansas must get better play - continue to To recuite and play flawless like they did in the SWC to beat the refs there

Arkansas must play better with. Depth

Coach Sam must be ready to eat nails over the bad. Calls

But Ark just has to atop making mistakes

Depth is a huge issuer right now

Win next week and hopefully beat MSU, LSU or Mizzou to get 6 wins


From a group text message thread:

Question: “Ok, who is this ref?”
Answer: “Curles’ parole officer”


The 4th down to me was the killer. I sure looked obvious to me Sanders got it and the official looked to look back at the down marker and put it back where it was. That play killed what should’ve added potentially momentum and the lead going into halftime.

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The one no call that I can’t see how they didn’t throw a unsportsmanlike call on, was when a Auburn defensive player made a great tackle on Jefferson, got up, and started waving his arm, pointing at, and taunting at Jefferson while he standing over Jefferson on the ground. I’ve seen unsportsmanlike calls made on less and the official standing right there did nothing.


Curles is at Ole Miss - UT. God help 'em.

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On what planet did it not directly impact the game? It wiped off a redzone turnover. And, the PI on Clark gave them points, too. I have no idea how anyone can say it didn’t directly impact the outcome in what was essentially a 1- score game all day.


The variables I’m referring to are the assumptions that we were destined to score on the fumble. We don’t know that.

On the pass interference, Auburn still would have tried a FG, may have made it, may have not. Who knows?

I’m not saying it didn’t, but that there are no certainties one way or the other. Last year, absolutely the officiating determined the outcome. But I still contend that we shot ourselves in the foot too many times from bad play calls to just poor execution to say the officiating determined the outcome.

I’d say KJ affected the game as much as the refs.

And I say those were just 2 of many dubious calls. It’s cumulative. Sure, there are no guarantees, but a ton of questionable calls going 1 way between two fairly evenly matched teams is very hard to overcome—makes 1 team have to play flawlessly and gives the other team life and breathing room.

It’s not right. It’s a double standard and should not be acceptable. We have to be perfect but the refs (with everything benefit of replay) and the opponent don’t? No. Not right. Not at all.


He certainly hurt us with the strip sack and some of his decisions not to run when it was there.

He could have played better. And, I’m not sure how to quantify which was more impactful—his play or the refs.

I just know that the latter had the benefit of replay and talking amongst themselves they still got it wrong—a year after literally gifting the same team a win.

Suggesting that we should have just played better ignores that it forces us to be 2-3 scores better than the other team just to win and gives us no margin for error.

It’s wrong.

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Nope, Curles is doing the Tenn game. Still bad ref.

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It crossed my mind that the officiating in this game might have been their way of sending us a message to not embarrass their little group like raising a ruckus like we did over the blatant robbing us of a win last year. The rot starts at the top.

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Again, I’m not saying it’s acceptable, in fact it’s not. But, I still don’t believe it cost us the game outright.


This complaining about the officiating is ridiculous. We use the same mental gymnastics to justify playing terrible football after every loss. I’ve heard it a lot in recent years because we’ve lost a lot and played a lot of terrible football. It needs to stop. We are now a very average football team and will be lucky to get to a bowl. Arkansas is not nearly good enough to show up, play poorly like this, and win against a massively better football program like Auburn that has kicked our a** in recruiting the last 5 years. Bo Nix ate our lunch all day and it’s the ref’s fault? Nuts. Stop it (not any particular person - everyone).

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It was crew led by Lee Hedrick for the Arkansas game.

Wait till we play Bama - same thing will happen and no flag but let an Arkansas play make a good play - stand and cross his arms facing the crowd and flags galore for taunting and unsportsmanlike conduct