Who received baseball ticket ordering

Info today?

When do you order?

I order Monday, and am trying to see where I stand in terms of getting the games I prefer.

My time is 9:00 a.m. Monday

My time is open at 9 AM on Wednesday.

I hope I can get several of my choices. It turns out that I have no worries about any conflicts this year. I just got an email that our National (a specialty dog show) has been canceled for May. They will try again to schedule it in late August or early September. Sigh. Of course this year is when I should get my special trophy for my Dual Champion. I want that hardware!

9AM Wednesday for me too

Got my order in this morning. I’m allowed tickets to 8 games. Got moved from section 108 to 107, so not bad. Tickets are in different rows and seats in literally every game. No two games alike, even if you are there for back to back games.

It’s interesting to me that we are required to buy two tickets for all games. A friend and I are going to try to coordinate and that way we should get tickets to at least 16 games.

Oh, and screw buying tickets in my regular section. $90 for one game? I’ll pass.

I wasn’t thrilled by the pricing either, but I really wanted to stay in the same area that my seats are normally located. Baseball is way more enjoyable to me if I can sit in the area behind home plate. The athletic department is taking a huge hit in revenue with the big decrease in tickets they can sell, so I figure I will try to help as much as I can.

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My selection time was at 1:00 today. Got the games I wanted and the sections, but when I went to cart to check out, I wasn’t given that option. Had to call ticket office and the guy put in my order for me. Still got the games I wanted, but the sections changed and cost went up.

My ordering process didn’t go very smooth either. I was given my time last week, and an email today, telling me to be prepared and gave a link to place the order online. Something went wrong on the link with my computer, I never could get logged on. A number was given to call in case of difficulty, but of course by then the line was busy. I suspect multiple people were given the same time. I finally called the regular ticket office number, and after being on hold for a few minutes a nice young lady helped me through the process. I wrote everything down on paper just in case such a hiccup occurred. I’m glad I did so I could keep the various tiers of games straight. I knew I wouldn’t be able to remember all the games and dates otherwise.

I had problems as well (ordered at 2:00). Had to call the ticket office.

Overall, I’m satisfied. I got section 104 for a non conference series. I had to move to 102 for a couple conference series.

My order is Wednesday at 9am but the feedback I got today from co workers is there were zero options for the $45 tickets to several of the sec series, tickets options were limited. The platform the UA is using seems to be very limited

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