Who pitches tomorrow?

Big win! Who gets the ball tomorrow?

Today’s game notes said pitcher TBA for both teams tomorrow.

The three starters, Wickland, Ramage, Zeb and Cronin are all off the table.

Everybody else is available

Probably Angus Denton… he should be able to go 2-3 innings

Also will be interesting to see who they trot out.

This could be one of those 13-11 type ball games. Of course, now that I’ve said that, it will probably be 2-1.

Its funny how baseball goes like that sometimes. Seems like we had a few Sunday and midweek games last year I thought we be slug fests that ended up being really low scoring.

I think if the first pitcher establishing some control and the hogs are able to put a couple of runs on the scoreboard if will make the next man out of the bullpen more relaxed. Maybe the hogs explode again tonight.

… will start.

You were right! Denton.

Yeah I kind of figured it would be him maybe he can go two or three innings