Who pitches tomorrow for Mo.St.

What does tomorrow’s matchup look like?

That’s a mystery. Missouri State coach Keith Guttin was asked about it today and wouldn’t say.

Well if they go with the their regular weekend starters the other 2 have ERA over 4. There is one guy with only seven starts has an era in the mid 2. I wouldl throw the best left-hander I had left if I were him

They have five lefties on the staff and used three of them yesterday – the starter and two relievers. The guy who closed out the game, Knutson, is normally a lefthanded starter. I doubt they’d start him tonight, but maybe Sunday. The remaining weekend starter is a righty, Dylan Coleman, 8-3 with a 4.93 ERA. Nobody else on the staff has more than 7 starts, and that one is RHP too.