Who On The SEC Side

Who are you pulling for on the SEC side to win/lose? I hope they all lose, Auburn, Bama, Georgia, etc. winning a dozen plus games kills our recruiting efforts with a lot of talent. Until we start winning 10 plus and part of the playoff picture, all that SEC power rankings means zip.

First, time and time again we hear recruits talk about how they want to play in the best conference in the country, the SEC. So your theory that the success of the other teams hurts our recruiting does not make sense to me.

Second, if we win our games, it helps if our opponents are higher ranked. If they all lose and the SEC is considered weak, our victories against them are less significant.

For these reasons, I root for them despite the fact that I hate most of them. My brain tells me one thing but my heart is in another place.

I’m definitely pulling for the rebellious black bears to lose. If the Gators are playing, I hope they lose too.

Does it not help us in some way if OM destroys TT, for Texas recruits, in my mind it does. So go Rebs… Today!

I want all of the SEC to win if they are playing out of conference. In fact, I not only want SEC teams to win, I want them to stomp a hole in everyone’s ars. It’s good for the strength of schedule. The national haters don’t need any ammunication because they already talk down most of our non-conference schedules.