Who Needs a Playbook?


An old acquaintance who thought the world of his father Art Briles said the elder Briles had a single sheet of paper with the plays diagrammed on them. And, variations that he could create just by mixing and matching. Only the QB needs to know the specifics for all 11 players, according to this guy.

I remember the OU-Baylor game where the Bears threw something like 9 straight one-step hitch routes. Briles explained, “they kept giving us 5 yards so I kept taking 5 yards. Who needs a second play if your #1 play always works?” (generously paraphrased)

I watched that game - it was hilarious. Leach is the same way. Says if you need a playbook “ your offense is too complicated.”

Pretty interesting review of his offense from fla state. https://247sports.com/college/florida-state/LongFormArticle/FSU-Football-What-to-expect-from-a-Kendal-Briles-offense-127443441/

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Is Jordan Jones sure he wants to leave? Looks like Briles’ offense puts a premium on fast WRs. This could be his time to shine. C’mon, man. Stay here and show us what you were built for.

His cousin posted on another site he still plans to leave - looking for a “change in scenery.”

Baylor offensive lines consisted of large, wide run blockers. From a physical standpoint, the Bears’ front looked like five guards…

This is right up Sam’s alley because he’s going to bring in some Big OL

Interesting. So with no playbook we are going from a QB learning 20% of the playbook to having to learn 0% and we are hoping for a 100% improvement? Btw, UNC fans (I am in Chapel Hill) well remember Baylor running for a zillion yards in the bowl game. It was a complete and utter shock.

Best coach ever believed in doing a few things and doing them well. Now Bear’s few simple plays are light years different from what we are talking about with Briles but the same keep it simple and run a few plays well is better than running many plays not so well is still the focus. The plays that Briles runs are anything but simple, but the beauty of his system is that he has been able to simplify things within a complex system.

Arkansas might just be getting Briles at the very best time in his entire career. He is still very young but he has had a career of learning experiences packed into the last few years. You don’t just study and learn how to develop a great offensive system as the real learning comes from experience. You learn what works and you learn what does not work and you perfect a system by living and breathing it. You want expertise from an OC and you want someone who has been doing it. There are a lot of very good coaches who can coach any phase of the game but there are very few of expertise especially at such an early age.

Just have to get a QB to make those long throws they make,either go get one or teach the few we have to do it it will define the offense. Look forward to see how he does this.