Who makes the call for subs during the game?

Under CSP, who makes the decisions on who and when to sub during the game? The position coach?
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Does anyone know???
UA…Campus of Champions

I’ll guess position coach in almost all situations.

Guy, we do that direct from the stands or the couch. As well as which play to run on both Offense & Defense. There’s an app for that on your smart phone, Sir. :innocent::sunglasses::v:


Several factors. On 3rd and long, a nickel will automatically come in for a linebacker or DE. In hot games, they know certain linemen can go a certain number of snaps before losing a step so after 5 / 6 plays, the sub is waiting in the wing and will come in after the position coach gives final affirmation. The coordinators have their coaches on the headphones all the time and he can say something and the position coach will sub in a split second (if the hurry up allows). Offense is more of the plays being called on a particular series so the subs know the points during the calls they are most likely to come in. The linemen are less substituted versus defense due to the cadence and the hurry up offense. And finally, the head coach gets red and yells “Get Him Out of There!” :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I’m not sure. I’ll try to ask when I get a chance.

I know that over in Oxford, many defensive substitutions are directed by the HC-Flop Coordinator. He directs who flops, when they flop, where they flop and how long they flop.


Without having any concrete knowledge, I would think the position coach and coordinator are in constant communication about personnel, and the position coach sends players on. You usually see players on the sideline in a group standing next to/with their position coach.

Yeah, in Columbia the flopping is much less coordinated.

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