Who liked the Hogs beating Texas and who did not?

I do know that the SEC family – and Greg Sankey was in the press box – enjoyed Arkansas beating Texas. Who knows how many games the Longhorns win this season? It might be a bunch. It’s good for the league.

I do know that A&M folks probably did enjoy this although they may have been a bit jealous that the Hogs got these soft Longhorns and they did not. A&M probably – if the QB was healthy – done something similar to the Longhorns. Who knows?

But among those who this had to pain would be Oklahoma State. Yes, they probably hate Texas – and Oklahoma – for leaving them in the Big 12 wasteland. And, they want Texas to lose, same as Arkansas fans.

But they have to know deep down that this helped Arkansas a ton in the battle for big-time recruits in Texas (and maybe Oklahoma, too). There were good players from Oklahoma doing well for the Hogs in this game. Obviously, there were good players from Texas doing well, too.

I’m like Barry Switzer, that the OU/Texas move to the SEC hurts Oklahoma State a lot and so did this 40-21 thumping of the Longhorns.


No doubt. Probably immediately and hopefully increasingly. We need more of those 4* and hopefully even a few 5* now and then. Texas HS’s are a goldmine of football talent in massive numbers. Many of the top players in Oklahoma will continue to choose Hogs over Cowboys.

Listening to fans of other schools today on the Finebaum show (the part I caught), there was a lot of praise for the Hogs. The Horns are pretty much held in contempt universally in the conference, which is amazing. Their reputation has definitely preceded them.

I haven’t listened to Finebaum much over the years. He never seemed very respectful of Arkansas, but he sounded just the opposite of that in talking about the Hogs and Pittman today. He said that he’s been all over, but that Fayetteville was a “special” place, and he meant it in a positive way. Whether he truly believes that or is just jumping on the bandwagon, who knows? But he seemed genuinely impressed with Arkansas and what’s going on in Fayetteville.

Also, I think it’s awesome that the SEC Shorts people have known how to peg the Texas culture from the start. Their videos so far involving the Sooners and Texas have been respectful of OU but derisive of Texas. Clearly, it’s not just an Arkansas thing.


so saturday am, I’m sitting in a room with a group of Longhorns, watching ESPN. on site in Iowa. when the AR-TX game was mentioned, the local fans were booing loudly. the longhorn fans were sooooooooooooooo self-absorbed and unaware of the world beyond their noses, that they were literally stunned, then offended. “they are just mad that we are leaving the conference”. like it had no consequences on the rest of the big 12. I said: “yeah, they are mad that you just Bu!!Fu@@*#'d them. seems so unreasonable”. they chewed on that a while-like they had literally never considered for one second how their behavior affected the rest of their 3rd (failed) conference.

so I’d say it’s safe to say that EVERY team in their conference, with the minutely possible exception of BlowU, LOVED us skullF***ing them. sorry so graphic, but can’t think of a more appropriate way to describe that game.


Folks in Colorado, Missouri, Nebraska and so many other places can tell you the stories. It’s amazing. Frank Broyles was brilliant. He thought Texas was coming, too, but really didn’t care that he left them behind.

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