Who Leads the SEC in Passing Completion %

Of course, it’s AA who many are lambasting here. He also is #4 in the SEC in Passing Efficiency. Not bad for the first start against a quality opponent.

Just imagine how he’ll do when some of the OLine problems are fixed.

People who are lambasting the kid for his first start, one in which the o-line had massive problems and in which he threw the winning TD, need to go take their Tom Brady life-size posters off their bedroom walls.

AA is not the issue he’ll improve when this Oline gets some playing time in

The D is still a concern and until we start to be dominant there will continue to be if winning the West is the goal

We’re third in the SEC in total defense today. Seventh in pass efficiency defense. Some of you make it sound like we’re 14th in both. (Rushing defense is 25th nationally). Either way it’s one data point, to be followed by 12 more weeks (minimum) of adjusting and coaching.

I thought that AA did a respectable job for his first start. The OL needs to make some adjustments that were not made during the game. 4 sacks is just not acceptable but they are learning. LT was a respectable team and we survived. That is what it takes sometimes in these early games.

I think BB nailed it when he said there have been years recently when the win yesterday would not have happened. Yes, AA, did a lot of good things today, but two mistakes not only turned the ball over to the other team, the other team turned those turnovers into TD’s. It is the points after turnovers that almost killed us. Had he not thrown those interceptions we can take 14 points off the scoreboard and that is a little more like what could have been expected in an opener against a quality opponent like LaTech… Skip and his team should do well again this year and I think they left this game knowing that to be true.

I just hope AA begins to equate interceptions with points for the opponents and those thoughts help to add more maturity to his decision making. If that happens then today was a great classroom experience for him.