Who knew?

I had no idea the bucket wouldn’t count.

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Does that have anything to do with Larry Bird??

Got me. I can’t understand why it wouldn’t count.

Did you never see Larry Birds shot over the backboard??

Anyway makes no since to me…

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Definitely, I’ve seen it a lot.

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The rule states that “when any part of the ball passes over the backboard from any direction” then the ball is considered out of bounds.

So that’s the technical reason.

Why is that in the rules? I’ve seen some speculate that players could start taking hook shots over the backboard that would be almost impossible to defend. I don’t know if many players could get good enough at such a shot to make them quality shots worth taking, but I guess that could be debated.

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Should have counted. He was inbounds when he shot it.

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It counts in HORSE.


In my day it was legal. Seldom even tried however.

SO is it the Larry Bird rule?


Hopefully 1 works

I don’t know, Mike, but I can’t figure out why it shouldn’t count.

did not count even back then

Who other than Bird could pull that off?

Now that’s a short list of NBA, College, whoever that could make many of those…

It’s a dumb rule. It should count 3 actually, just for level of difficulty.


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