Who knew LSU v Clemson would be Chiefs v Texans 2.0?

Damn but that was two similar games!! Happy with result of both.

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There certainly were similarities. The Chiefs put away Houston more quickly than LSU put away Clemson, but I liked both results. I missed the Chiefs Super Bowl win. I was driving to Oklahoma City to see my boyfriend and listened to the game on the radio. I really, really want to watch them play in one … and WIN!

Hopefully you won’t have to be concerned about it after Sunday.LET’S GO T I T A N S !!!

Rob Wiley one of my HS classmates was a sports reporter for a KC television station when the Chiefs won that Super Bowl. He ended up as Sports Director at KARK and (I think) was the football voice for ASU for a couple of seasons. He is now a lawyer in Houston. Great guy I talked to him recently.

I agree, KC fans are the worst of the worst, they make Cardinals fans, Ole Piss fans, and Shorthorn fans seem like the best people on the planet.