Who knew Bielema coached for Atlanta?

Its a joke folks, a joke!

No joke, that’s rubbing salt in a recent wound. For both teams.

Its laugh or cry. Laugh or cry.

It certainly is a pathetic attempt at humor… The miserable life some people lead.

No it was a successful attempt at humor.

Learn to laugh a little and accept reality and life won’t be so miserable

Wow, just wow. Sorry for you. You must in deed lead the life you describe! Laugh a little! Enjoy the day!

Geez, some people…

I thought it was worth a chuckle.

Great piece of humor, Atlanta Razorbacks pretty much sums it up.

It is horrible way to give one away. Comparing the two teams. Falcons did it in the Super Bowl we did it in the Belk Bowl and Alabama did the the Natioanl Championship game.
I sure thought it was over! Shows how important the sack was

Now THIS is funny… I am not the one pour mouthing the Hogs at every opportunity.

I find you and several others on here pathetic at best because all you have is negativity.

I don’t tie my life to whims of kids that play sports but have Bern apart of The Program… Trust me when I say that The Players find you idiots just as pathetic.

Have an intelligent take instead of crapping on kids who work their asses off…

Very funny that it’s always the same negative pricks on here… You have no clue what the kids do on a daily basis to better themselves and contribute to Our School.

Again… You are the assholes bleeting like sheep when these kids don’t perform to your expectations.

Nice come back though morons… Again, stop shitting on kids and grow up.

Your reading comprehension is hilarious… This was another mindless slam against The Program. You don’t get to flip this on me because I am calling out you negative pricks who have nothing better to say than spew garbage.

I will always root for My School and Our Players. Constant negativity being heaped on Our School does not help… But you knew this… But still chose to be an idiot. Good For You.

Your a hoot! You wouldn’t know the truth if it bit you on the hand! As has been said, you are entitled to your own opinion, not to your own facts! Care to show me where I have ever “crapped” on a player? I don’t think you can ever ever find such an occasion.

It was a joke, a funny joke. (About the COACH)

If you knew how to make a point with out using inappropriate language … oh never mind. :roll:

Guess I am the classic fence straddler, neither found it funny or overly offensive, maybe just found it a bit tired. With so much on so many Hog boards so over the top negative, I generally come back home to this board to find a little more sanity and even some homerism (know that is not a word and also know it is ok to be one, at least in my opinion). Unfortunately, it seems that there is more than enough negativity to go around and certainly some testiness to go with it.

Maybe a good 6 or 7 game winning streak by CMA and the guys would create a better mood to lead us into Spring football. Not predicting it, but sure could be a much needed attitude adjustment for many, maybe myself included!

This guy is getting blocked, right? We’re the ones that are “pathetic at best because all we have is negativity,” but not the ones berating other users with foul language and - you guessed it - more negativity.

It’s easy to call someone a “prick” on an internet board. Just another one of those that would never say the same thing to someone’s face. And another one with a “I’m a better fan than you self righteous attitude”.

It was a joke. A freakin joke at CBB’s expense because of the collapses the last 2 games. I’ve heard CBB joke and call people out plenty of times. People need to lighten up because if you can’t laugh at the last 2 game collapses (at this point in time) then you take college sports way too seriously.