Who is watching

over the basketball team? I assume MA’s staff is all gone…is that correct? Might have missed it, but I don’t recall seeing any info regarding this.

Melvin Watkins and the other assistants are still on salary until either a new coach is hired or they accept new jobs elsewhere. As it is now, that is the case with Melvin, TJ and Scottie.

Melvin Watkins is in charge until a new coach is hired. I would not expect that they’re doing any recruiting, but maybe they are in hopes that the new coach will decide to retain one or more of them.

Does anyone know whether or not Mike Anderson is interviewing for jobs? Is it likely he would take his staff, all or part, with him? If so, then they could leave before the new guy arrives. But, given the time this has played out, we should have an answer by the end of the Final Four.

I’m a bit surprised that the AD would not have already had contact with prospective coach’s agents prior to firing CMA to test the waters about their interest. Not having a solid plan for a new hire wouldn’t be the best business move. But, with leaks as they are, no sitting coach wants to find out via media that his boss is already contacting replacements before he has been told he is fired. As it is, it seems like a scramble to get the loose pieces off the board before someone else claims them. That’s like house shopping and feeling the pressure to make an offer before someone else buys the house you are interested in, yet you have finished your search.