Who is this?


To the right of Macon sitting on the truck. Is he a walk-on they’ve added that hasn’t been mentioned yet? Looks like he’s pretty tall.

Pretty sure that’s Darious Hall.

Nah, I know what Darious Hall looks like.

Here’s a pic of him


I’m assuming you mean Macon’s right (which would be our left). I think that might be Dustin Thomas with a new hair style.

No, I mean looking at the picture, the person to the right of Daryl Macon. Dustin Thomas is to the left of him looking directly at the picture.

I still think it’s him. He retweeted the same pic.

I will ask him on Twitter.

Cool, it might be, it’s kinda hard to tell from that angle.

I do know they advertised for walk-on tryouts Oct 4th, and they put Jonathan Holmes on the online roster - so I don’t think it’s a walk-on. Like you though I’m not 100% who it is, but if I had to bet then D Hall would be my guy.

Man I am really a geek!

If you enlarge the pic, you can see the guy better, honestly I thought it was Arlando, but I’m not sure he is training with them because of the incident

He “liked” my tweet asking if it was him so it must be him.

Yea probably so. Appreciate the info!

I wonder if that picture is Cleveland Street and they are doing runs up the hill?

Yup. Tweet from the same day: