Who is this year's Stan Heath?

The man of the moment. Ready to ride a hot mid-major to a Big Dance upset or two, all the way to a Power 5, maybe even SEC job.

Can’t hazard a guess yet. We’ll know Sunday night, probably.

My guess is this guy:

along with his deluxe PG


Good pick

Good guess, but they could also crash and burn. We shall see.

Their Q1 wins are Memphis when Penny couldn’t corral the egos, and Belmont. None since January 15.

Justice having a fine season at Murray. 13 points and 5 assists pg. You could even say he’s like STP. The Racer’s edge!

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There is always one & sometimes two Cinderella teams that get past the first round & sometimes to the elite 8. I only recall one getting to a FF, but I can’t remember who it was. It was about 8-12 years ago.

Loyola-Chicago a few years ago with Sister Jean and Porter Moser

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How could you forget me, ya dang bushwacker!

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Actually, the last few Cinderellas in the dance had head coaches that didn’t jump immediately like Heath did.

2006 was George Mason in the Final Four, but Jim Larranaga hung around for 5 more years before going to Miami.

2011 was VCU with Shaka Smart in the Final Four, but he didn’t leave until Texas called in 2015. Guess who else was on that staff? Will Wade.

2018 was Loyola Chicago in the Final Four, but Porter Moser stayed 2 more years before heading to OU.

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Stan Heath was really our coach??? To this day I still can’t figure out such a bad hire.

Man him and Pel set us back some years. I couldn’t stand Pel saying “we have to overachieve”…that drove me crazy.

I have a lot of respect for CMA taking the job behind those two.


Stan and Pel weren’t quite as bad but when I think of them I see Chad Morris’ face. Bad memories (and not an indictment on the players we had then).

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I’m not even going to address Heath, but how we ended up with one of Kentucky’s “unforgettables” as our head coach still blows my mind. Very dark days…almost like a glitch in the matrix.


I was working in KY when we fired Pel. Actually went through his hometown that week. The KY folks were all over me about him getting the axe. I asked them if they would hire him all said no he was not that good a coach. Then they realized what they had said….


I like Pel as a person, but I don’t ever want one of Kentucky’s “hand me downs” coaching Arkansas Basketball again. Pretty sure that’s in the rearview…thank goodness.

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Pel was about 4th down the list. AR job wasn’t to appealing at the time.

To be fair, we made the right hire after firing Heath, but there was no way to know that Altman was going to go strange on us and go back to Creighton.

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good guess. Fitz Hill was on the Buzz this week, nice discussion of Murray State’s season, and mentioned briefly that lots of schools are looking at their coach.

interesting tidbit-Kentucky has never played murray state, so their team is REALLY looking forward to a possible 2nd round matchup.



I’m really surprised to hear that they have never played. KY has played most of the other mid-majors in the state. Many of their fans will probably have flashbacks to that loss to the Murfreesboro Middle School in the early 80’s.

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