Who is the

special teams coach?

apparently we do not have one

Is this staff over their heads?
Shouldn’t that be fairly easy to get right with practice??

Tanner Burns, a GA, oversees special teams in practice, but on every coaching staff every coach has a hand in special teams.

Obviously we need an enormous amount of work on it

So, if I remember correctly didnt the NCAA approve a 10th coach? If so who did we hire?

Thats the problem! Wy would you put GA over special teams …SMH

Apparently Special Teams IS NOT IMPORTANT ENOUGH to require a full time coach.

Oh lord, the crowd of “Fire the Coach” fans is out and loud.

There’s no coach to fire HogTreat…

Special teams is split among the coaching staff

I thought it would become a given among Power 5 programs once it was approved.

But it doesn’t appear it became the norm.

Tanner Burns runs the drills, but doesn’t coach the teams