Who is the X-factor for Arkansas today?

I went into the locker room yesterday for interviews with players and asked a few guys who they thought might be an X-factor for this team against Illinois, and maybe beyond. It’s Jordan Walsh for me. Arkansas is 8-3 this season when he scores 10-plus points. He is 2 of his last 10 from deep. If he can be a big-time energy guy today and maybe knock down a jumper or two it might go a long, long way.


I thought about that too but decided Devo’s experience was better probability bet but Walsh would be that guy if he gets in groove early on.

Not sure who elevates their game, but seems when Walsh, the Mitchell’s etc start playing well, the quick whistles follow. Not saying all bad calls, but during conference play, it seems when one of our unexpected guys starts hooping it, they are destined for foul trouble.

Not sure it will be but it would be nice if it was Council. He hasn’t been the same since Nick came back.

When he’s hitting the mid range and finishing at the basket we are pretty salty.



If he can give us 17 or more points and get to the line often and hit FTs

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Seriously they’ve all been inconsistent through the year so we can call anyone the X factor. Someone needs to assert themselves as the X factor and the rest of the team needs to lean on him, it could be anyone. I hope someone is feeling it. I’ll put my money on a more experienced player like devo. But I won’t be mad if it’s one of our decorated freshmen.

Devo set the tone early for us today. Now hopefully he’s a good finisher today too. We really need to be more clutch and hold onto a lead for once. Maybe someone can shoot 80 percent from the free throw line and that would be a huge X factor for us


Ricky with 18. Hitting FTs

He is my X factor.

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Love some made free throws

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Devo … been there, done that

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