Who is the person or persons on the search....

For the new coach? This is a serious question. Do you guys know? I don’t.

From what Julie Cromer-Peoples said Friday evening, she’s running the HC search. Are others involved? Possibly.


Julie did not say there would be a search committee. She said she would ask some for advise. There is no committee.

That’s different from the athletics director job. There is a committee, but they do not have a vote. They will only advise Chancellor Steinmetz.

I’m sure he will take both names to the Board of Trustees.

Both names?

Yes. The AD’s & the HC’s. They might not put their names on the employment contracts, but the BOT is calling the shots here. All of them have a lot of experiencing running athletic depts & coaching football.


I detect some heavy sarcasm here…

Yea, i’m a little slow. I thought Clay might have dropped a Freudian slip on the two coaching candidates. We also need an AD don’t we. Yes we do.